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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

KY Ancestors Town Hall with KY Historical Society 2/18/2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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KY Ancestors Town Hall with KY Historical Society 2/18/2021
KY Ancestors Town Hall with KY Historical Society 2/18/2021

Doug High talks about the new 30 minute episodes of Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall where Kentuckians find out if family stories about their ancestors are true.

The series starts Saturday February 20th on WTVQ-TV ABC Lexington.

Hosted by Renee Shaw

On wednesday with sonnets going to deal very nice ... anything in the short reading that like a new shell to the premier on the market across the ancestors townhall digs into the roots of kentucky's family tree to answe questions that have eluded families for generations that have eluded families for generations cir., society foundation director and i can't tell if all things government cody adams blue and people of c1 3 we are across the state for all kentuckians to enjoy this new program but right here on w t v q saturday nights at seven be our show we are so excited role as a we got one show a month for the next five months kentucky ancestors townhall what we've done is we've invited folks dow to our a kentucky history cente in frankfurt we do a live studi audience and record are historians working with these kentuckians to try to unravel some of the a family the streets that they might have in the timeline you don't know where you're going unless you pretty good idea of where you been writing a were trying to do tha were running into some incredible stories on what people tighten the kentucky's moments of war abolition of the founding of the commonwealth so you just never know what you se on the ship but just in the description of feel of that link building to grow just seems reviving your dining out things that maybe blind people never that's right impersonally great surprises along the way to and what were really trying to do for the studio audience and for the television audience of home is to get people excited about discovering your roots, back to that family tree and then finding out who the great great great great grandmother grandfather was an are of research library or genealogy programs at the kentucky historical society help kentuckians to live in personally i mean he'll maybe a part in elementary favorite show there are notional roman circuit every single level so but there's one that really stands out think it's in a word show where we we bring up a and who had infielders luckily for folklore but i think my great-great- grandfather was involved human we help actually connect those dots but we found that he grandfather had mustard and hal nelson as the one of the first african-american men the light in the civil or for the his name you know in that register and that she brings up her grandson the studio audience is only so dry and the house is but it's just it's moments like tha the really make the show special and were hoping, support people up there to say i want go on that journey i went by my famil roots kentucky historical society help you find these families and find the story well we we invited folks to reach out to us there there's a form online at our website reach out to us ther there's a form and you go to the little genealogy tab at the top of our website in the legionnaire and you can fill out know i think this happened i was always told i was because of the daniel boone whatever it is and then w go through those we match are historians are genealogist up with these with peace of the stories the salt river breadcrumbs and then we connect the dots and then we bring them up on stage for the big reveal on the television while being just incredible especially for the people that are learning like i was actually true or many that will take a that's right some surprises along the way to know the serial killers of the malpractices know what you think you go wow i didn't know that the wonderful three that the ring all that history and make it for people because were very much in us now moment that's right and that's what it's all about we really want people to enjoy the journey universal there's a lot of great dna chips out there that you can use but to me, but history detective and work with are genealogist and historians through our kentucky argus wher one of the best genealogy library in the world you know for kentucky kentucky historica society matchup with our folks in the reticulum that journey in and find out where your fellow i will absolutely yet we got five episodes ready to go from down to seoul june we do will produce fresh content afte that so we are inviting people to send us your stories through our website and the first one i when it will be this saturday) a b c 36 7pm get a half hour format and posted by the wonderful renee shaw and one of our sponsors a credit union from frankfurt is help the bring the statewide's worldwide network of states were really excited about henry a lot of


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KY Ancestors Town Hall 2.18.21


WTVQ Lexington, KY

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