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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Across the Nation

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Across the Nation
Across the Nation
Across the Nation

Quite a bit after 3:00 p.m.

This afternoon.

Not just rain but thunderstorm activity and that could have actually become stronger or even severe thunderstorm activity later today.

So time out that threat for you and let you know how much rain will fall by the time it is said and done and out of here.

That's coming up.

Jon: millions of people in texas spending time in dark business.

Deeply freeze shattering records from the duration of frigid temperatures.

Reporter john lawrence has the latest.

Reporter: frozen pipes are bursting in louisiana and texas, flooding homes from inside out and people without water using buckets of snow to flush toilets.

Started coming through the walls and water tock over everything.

Now it is a few inches in the unit.

The storm that spawned crisis in texas now moving east putting 16 million people in the southeast under the threat of flooding.

North carolina's governor is already declaring an emergency on the state and new york is preparing for the possibility of another major snow event.

Here we go again.

We got another storm coming.

Before i get into the details of the stormy want to talk about doses of vaccine that are going to be rescheduled.

Reporter: extreme weather is forcing states across the nation to delay covid-19 vaccinations.

Delays which could likely be felt for the next week or two.

On top of supply issues that places like new york city says it is already facing.

We have got fewer than thirty thousand first doses on hand right now.

That means we are going to run out today, tomorrow we will run out of what we have right now.

On top of that we have the weather problem across the nation.

There are huge storms causing delays in shipment.

I'm john lawrence reporting.

Jon: national weather service completed survey of deadly tornado that ripped through bruns rick in north carolina this week.

Ef3 on the ground 11:34 to 12:02 and wind speeds as high as 160 miles per hour.

Nursing student she is working part-time living with her family.

She said she was about to take shelter in a bathroom monday night when her dad woke her up and moved everybody somewhere else.

Second later they found a tree right where jenny would have been.

I would have went in my bathroom.

If i would have been there i don't know what would have happened to me.

Possibly could've gotten injured but thank goodness we went to the other bathroom and thank goodness that we are still here, standing."

Members of the national weather serv jon: members of national weather service say the tornado this time of year rare there and tornado season runs april to june in carolinas and 23% make it to make it to ef2 or three range.

Leah: low case county comparatively 655 new cases were counted.

However, 54 -- 50 more deaths were also reported.

The percent positive rate was up a little at 9.1%.

> officials with musc say there may be still delays with vaccine shipments.

Its quality officer says winter weather affecting facilities all around our state.

She says they are getting less than they anticipated and they are not sure they can catch up.

> south carolina appears to have a shortage of second doses.

That's according to officials at multiple hospitals who say they are not getting all the second doses they have requested.

It is forcing providers to move shots around and offer vaccines to fewer people.

It is not clear how big the shortage is but officials say it was caused by a surge in vaccinations as the state tore through its supply in january.

Second shipment, the second doses is approximately 75% of our entire vaccination capability for the week.

Leah: providers are asking dhec leaders to let them decide how to use their supplies for added flexibility but dhec leaders denied the request on wednesday.

Jon: dhec leaders working on timeline for


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