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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Reserving Water in The Area

Credit: KADN
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Reserving Water in The Area
Reserving Water in The Area
Reserving Water in The Area

3 what reactor community you do is to look around to see if there are any leagues are bursting pipes.

And, uh, take care of those situations.

Of course.

Now the temperatures have warmed up.

Uh definitely any faucets there have been left dripping.

We asked that residents definitely turn those off.

If you could hold back on any water intensive operations if you could even hold back up washing those clothes, you know that that would be great for a few days until we could build those pressure's back up.

Well, they have any situations that they need to tell us that cut off the water.

They could call our number at 337291 57 100.

And we'd like to put that out to our community as well.

A lot off customers were concerned about their pipes.

So ah course when they could prepare, they could insulate those pipes, head of time.

And then it's this insulated pipe is well protected.

So they won't have to consider.

Ripping their fawcett's or something like that.

Always it's a better plan for the system if they turn off the water and drain the pipes that absolutely one.

Sure that there's no frozen pipes and no burst and going on.


Before that, if they want you to go in in in select those pipes would be a much better fit for their home.


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