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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements & Pregnancy

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements & Pregnancy
COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements & Pregnancy
Pregnant women have been moved up the Covid vaccination list.

Expectant mothers in tennessee will now have earlier access to the covid-19 vaccine.

News 12 brian armstrong joins us live with why pregnant women were moved up the vaccination list.

As vaccine distribution continues to have some hiccups along the way, tennessee has been trying to distribute vaccines to the most in need and pregnant women will have less of a wait to receive the vaccine.

This reason is because pregnant women have shown to be at higher risk when contracting covid-19.

Tennessee department of health has added pregnant women to phase 1c of the covid-19 vaccine distribution.

They are at higher risk of being hospitalized with the disease.

Pharmacist jacob standefer says even though pregnant women weren't included in the initial covid-19 vaccine clinical trails, a study of pregnant women is currently underway.

Dr. fauci, our nations leading disease expert, announced earlier this week that there haven't been any red flags that's far with pregnant women receiving the vaccine.

It's 10,000+ so far in this trial.

They haven't published the results yet, but so far everything's looking good.

Standefer recommends if you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant that you should speak to your doctor.

I think the best thing pregnant women or women who are deciding whether or not to get pregnant need to have a conversation with her ob/gyn.

Are they traveling?

Do they have a healthcare job where they may be exposed to covid-19?

If you get a vaccine while pregnant it's still too early to know if it also protects the fetus.

So far this trial hasn't been completed.

So, we don't have studies there to support that.

We have seen in women who have had covid-19 during their pregnancy that their babies have some passive immunity.

Meaning that their antibodies from the mother have been passed on to the fetus.

Now there is no set timeline as to when phase 1c will start but, according to the state's website it could be around march or april.

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