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Monday, 8 March 2021

Missouri teachers upset with state vaccination plan

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Missouri teachers upset with state vaccination plan
Missouri teachers upset with state vaccination plan
Missouri teachers upset with state vaccination plan

More than half of the u.s. are eligible to recieve the covid-19 vaccine.

But in missouri -- school staff is still not the priority.

Kq2's madeline mcclain spoke to local teachers about their growing frustrations.

<<as a missouri teacher -- seeing teachers and school staff in surrounding states get fully vaccinated from covid-19 think it's frustrating."denise peters, msta president: "it's very frustrating."lynnea wooten: "i'm not necessarily mad at someone.

I'm frustrated with the situation."j.

Eric simmons, st.

Joseph nea president: "we are on the front lines with our students and other adults every day and we would like to be vaccinated."j.

Eric simmons in a local high school teacher and the st.

Joseph national education association president.j.

Eric simmons, st.

Joseph nea president: "there clearly has been a breakdown in this process in terms of receiving vaccines and in terms of getting them out to our local health departments."

He says his members are confused -- everyone deems teachers essential don't qualify for safety "essentials" they need to do their jobs.j.

Eric simmons, st.

Joseph nea president: it seems like those two things would go hand in hand but they aren't currently and it makes our educators feel less than valued."lin-aya wooten an nea member and local band teacher.

She says she thought getting teachers and school staff vaccinated was what everyone wanted.lynnea wooten: "i do not envy anyone that came up with the rollout for this.

The breakdown of who gets what when but the bottom line is teachers need access to the vaccines so that our kids can stay healthy and we can stay in school which we've been hearing the whole school year is what everybody wants."

Teachers and school staff clearly want to be vaccinated.

Lynnea wooten: from what i know, from like everybody that i work with, 'we're ready, give us that email, we'll show up.

Here's my arm let's do it."

9th grade english teacher bethann rye-nert is also ready.

Beth ann reinert, 9th grade english teacher: "of course i want the vaccine so i can keep my own children safe.

My husband is an essential worker so it just makes sense that we are being as safe as we can."

She's a member of the the other local teachers association.m-s-t-a.and from what both associations say -- the st.

Joseph school district is not the problem.beth ann reinert: everything is in place.

They have a partnership that normally distributes our flu vaccines and we have locations that we can do them and local health care professionals that are ready to do it."

According to four teachers -- including local elementary school teacher and m-s-t-a president denise peters denise peters, msta president: "it's extremely frustrating to see our colleagues in other states be fully vaccinated when missouri teachers, paras, bus drivers, and other support staff haven't even gotten our first vaccine and we don't know when we will."more than 25 states in the u.s. are currently vaccinating teachers.

Missouri isn't one of them.

Denise peters, msta president: "our staff, i mean, they've risked their lives this year."

They want to know why the state isn't doing more to protect them?beth ann reinert: "in missouri, our teachers are still showing up and it would be nice if the governor and the state and the vaccine companies could show up for teachers."reporting, madeline mcclain kq2 news.

Some missouri teachers may have already received the covid-19 vaccine if they qualified under another tier because of their age or health condition.

But the rest must wait until phase 1b-tier three is


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