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Monday, 1 March 2021

Residents, business owners still recovering after blackouts

Credit: KQTV
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Residents, business owners still recovering after blackouts
Residents, business owners still recovering after blackouts
Residents, business owners still recovering after blackouts


Joseph residents and businesses owners dealing with the extreme cold, and blackouts.

Some who had to spend most of yesterday without any lights or heat are sharing their experience and their frustration.

Kq2's ron johnson has more tonight.

<<ron johnson reporting there may not have been any more power interruptions wednesday, but the after effects were in full swing for one local businesswe'll just play catch up and we'll get it done!staff at the mark-it were hard at work for much of day printing shirts and stitching hats after having to close their doors all day tuesday because of a prolonged outage.we had to shut down our shop, it was pretty bad because we have a lot of machines here that require ink to circulate through if those get below a certain temperature, 68 degrees, we start having problems. the owner says the rolling blackout started in her area near belt hwy and beck rd.

Around 7 am, what should have been an hour long interruption instead lasted several.

We were definitely not anticipating seven hours.

Others who live in the area impacted had an even longer wait, it was a total of eight hours, with no power no heat, i'm asthmatic into the eight hours i'm wheezing.

It was horrible.they said the search for answers wasn't easy either as calls to evergy didn't make it through.

I call two, three times in a row at that point, everytime i call, click me off on the middle of it.

Okay well, now i'm cold and mad.the lights may have since come back on, but not before serious damage was done to expensive equipment.

One machine is messed up in which we'll have to replace some parts in it.

Frustrated residents saying what they'd like to see more of from the power company the next time an outage occurs communication more than anything, don't just leave us in the dark.

Pretty much.ron johnson kq2 news.

The mark-it says it will cost thousands of dollars to repair their damaged equipment.

A car accident at the intersection of belt highway and beck road likely prolonged that area's rolling blackout.

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