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Friday, 26 February 2021

Student Athlete of the Week: St. Patrick’s Nick Krass

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Student Athlete of the Week: St. Patrick’s Nick Krass
Student Athlete of the Week: St. Patrick’s Nick Krass

This week’s WXXV Student Athlete of the Week is St.

Patrick boys basketball star Nick Krass.

Playoffs haven’t even started and Krass has already had a junior season to be proud of, including his first college basketball scholarship offer.

Week- segment... with news 25's - own grace boyles.

- this week's recipient hails out- of st.

Patrick catholic high- school... where the boys- basketball team has a star in - the - making.

- the post-season hasn't even - started... and yet nick krass i- already having a junior season,- for the books... as he starts - looking forward to his future o- the hardwood.

- - nick krass and his six-foot-fou- frame, and dominating play all- over the court might seem - intimidating at first... minus- the smile that hardly leaves hi- face... - a hint of his deep love for the- game.

- nick krass, st.

Patrick junior- guard: "i don't know.

It's just fun.

I've always been an- athlete.

Thank the lord.

But no- i've just liked sports in - general.

So i've played soccer,- - - - football, baseball, basketball,- but i just really fell in love- with basketball so."

Although the junior guard has - had a basketball in his hands - ever- since he can remember, he reall- got serious about - the sport in seventh and eighth- grade when he began - wokring toward his goal every - day.- nick krass, st.

Patrick junior- guard: "hard work and confidence.

And i found my- confidence through my hard work- so i really think those two go- hand-in-hand."

That formula to success seems t- be working for krass this - season -- averaging just over 1- points, nearly 6- rebounds, and just under 4- assists per game.

- keith robinson, st.

Patrick - basketball head coach: "he take great pride in- getting assists as well as he - does scoring.

And whatever help- the team win, that's- what he does."

Sometimes to help his fighting- irish win, krass needs to throw- down a windmill dunk like he di- earlier this season in a win- over sacred heart.

Krass not- only scored a lot of points...- he proved a point.- nick krass, st.

Patrick junior- guard: "at the end of the first quarter, i started off slow.

An- at the end of the first - quarter-- i think there were 5- seconds left-- i had a fast - break and i - dunked it .

And they called me- soft, so they said my dunk is - weak.

So the next time i had- an opportunity i just had to- bring it out.

And i've been - praticing a little bit, but my- adrenaline was going and it - just-- i mean it happened."

Grace boyles, news 25: "along with other performances, like - his gam against east- - marion where krass put up 40- points, 6 assists, 6 rebounds,- and 3 steals the junior - guard has caught the attention- of several d-1 college- basketball programs, including- ole miss who offered the native- mississippian in january."

Nick krass, st.

Patrick junior- guard: "i thought i heard him wrong at first.

So i- was just like 'hold on, coach.- what did you say?'

And he - repeated it and it was just - awesome.

Big smile on my face.

- don't think i stopped smiling - the whole night.

I think- i went to sleep smiling."

/ " feel like i always knew this da- would come, but then- again i didn't, so it's still - just a dream come true."

No matter how long the road to- his dream has been or how - long it may get, krass knows ho- to keep himself - motivated... for the long haul.- nick krass, st.

Patrick junior- guard: "the gifts that god gave me and just the fear of - not making it to the nba.

I - mean, that's my overall goal.

S- i get up everyday and - work harder."

In biloxi, grace boyles, news - 25.

- - st.

Patrick plays enterprise- - clarke, at 6 p-m friday... in - the - first round, of class 2-a - playoffs.

- if you know of anyone on the- coast that deserves to be - featured... as the news 25- student-athlete of the week...- you can contact our very own- grace boyles via email, twitter- or- facebook... at the accounts - shown on your screen.

- feel free to nominate any - student-athlete of any age... - and - be sure to tune in, every - wednesday... to see who


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