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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Southern Oregon Speedway racing to save 2021 season

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Southern Oregon Speedway racing to save 2021 season
Southern Oregon Speedway racing to save 2021 season
Southern Oregon Speedway racing to save 2021 season

Announcer says "now, from the jim sigel automotive sports desk, newswatch 12 sports with cameron derby."

For a dirt race car driver, its that last trip out turn three with every sense of chaos in your mind but at the same time every sense of calm.

Its every plan you made going out the window net at the drop of the green.

For a fan, its the sound that vibrates through your chest as they bomb into turn one, even as you turn a little to keep the mud from landing in your drink.

And as a child, saturday night at the races is an entire night's event.

The p-a announcer calling your guy out, a quick game of touch football in the grassy nole before the mains.

And the hope that you can stay for an extra hour to get your shirt signed by your favorite driver.

But now all of that for the 2021 season at the southern oregon speedway is in question.

Here is why.

çáátopic lineááÑ drama ensuing at the southern oregon speedway.

Racers saying mike mccan, the track's promoter has chosen to leave the track, just months before the upcoming season.

çáájames andersonááÑ "this has been going on for a couple weeks and i am like "man, i only live a couple blocks from this place, i should just drive out there.

So, i drove out there and then obviously i showed up to a ghost town."

çáátopic lineááÑ the track left unattended has it in questionable conditions.

And the worry is that if the track does not find a new promoter soon, the season may not happen which could cause long term damage to the local sport.

çáámark lineááÑ "people sell equipment and they get out of racing and it is hard to get back into racing once you have sold everything.

To get back in, it is double the cost to get back in typically.

So, that is definitly a fear.

That is why i really hope they get it open this year."

çáátopic lineááÑ but some positive momentum, the track's community starting a facebook page in an effort to communicate and save the track.

In just hours, it exploded with people willing to do whatever it takes.

çáádavid lineááÑ "i think there is a lot of people getting involved that want to keep local racing going here and i think ultimately it will be a good thing."

çáátopic lineááÑ the hiring of a promotoer is a process with a time frame that is unknown.

And it has to go through jackson county as well.

But some of the most successful local and traveling racers along with the facs are aching to get their local cars back on their local track.

çáádavid lineááÑ "you get the help from other racers to help build your car.

You build that comradery with the other racers and it is just a whole family in itself."

çáámark lineááÑ "to see it... it is not going to go away.

There is just no way.

It is too nice of a facility.

It has been, it is one of the nicest facilities on the west coast.

It will get picked up again, i am sure.

And so it will get picked back up again.

I am just really hoping it is someone who has some passion and can get it going this year because again, i miss racing at my home track."

çáátopic lineááÑ all three of those racers agreeing that the next promoter

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