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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Theft at Medford Railroad Park

Credit: KDRV
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Theft at Medford Railroad Park
Theft at Medford Railroad Park

Bill Meyer has been a volunteer at the park for 30 years and says theft is an ongoing problem.

Of medford garden railroaders who came back to his engine house only to discover several items had been stolen.

Vo: a break in at railroadpark is leaving one volunteer disappointed but with no choice but to recover what he lost.

One member of medford garden railroaders -- bill meyer -- has been a volunteer at the railroad park for 30 years.

He says theft has been an on going problem.

Sot: they've stolen batteries, they've stolen food, they've cut our locks, they've stolen electricity and now this.

Vo: meyer collected more than a thousand bottles from other members to fund the medford garden railroaders .

And he says that money is needed now more than ever since the pandemic has left them with no income.

But now -- those bottles have been taken and he'll have to start bagging bottles all over again.

Sot: each train's about 500 dollars.

Vo: and at least two of those trains have been taken as well.

Sot: so this wasn't a cheap theft, and it had to be premeditated because they had to do a lot of planning.

Vo: meyer says they removed the metal covering on the roof to then cut into the foam supporting the layer of metal.

He also observed that most of the screws were put back in except for one.

Sot: they cut the barbed wire on occasion so there's not much to stop them because nobody's around here at night.

Vo: he adds that bike parts and wood used to build the tracks are often taken down to bear creek across the way by houseless people.

One man he observed at the camp site was potentially storing the

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