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Friday, 5 March 2021

March of the Mayors: Cities collecting for food pantries

Credit: WXXV
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March of the Mayors: Cities collecting for food pantries
March of the Mayors: Cities collecting for food pantries

While carnival season is officially over, there is one march that’s still going on.

- - - while carnival season is- officially over there's one - event that's still on going.- that's the 'march of the mayors- and it's happening in - each coastal city and in the- city of biloxi, they're in- charge- of collecting cans of tuna... - yes only cans of tuna.- it's an inaugural event hoping- to capture the mardi gras spiri- and use it to help others.- the march is organized by 'extr- table', and they plan on- distributing the cans to- pantries across the coast.- the march of the mayors ends- march 12th.

- these are the following - - - - locations where you can drop of- your tuna cans.

- bring them to biloxi city hall,- donal m.

Snyder sr. community - center, lopez quave public- safety center, and any biloxi - fire station.

- - "this is just a great way for the community - to get involved to give back- especially with this time of- year when it's cold there's a - lot of- - - extra food pantry and poele - going into food pantries.

So- when you're in the grocery- - store just pick up a can or two- of tune and drop it off in- locations within the city."

Other costal citys are in charg- - - - of collecting diffenet items. - bay st.

Louis is collecting - dried beans, gulfport needs - peanut- butter, long beach wants canned- green beans, for ocean- springs it's canned fruit, in - pass chritsian its canned corn,- in- diamondhead they're collecting- canned soup and - lastly in waveland they're in - need

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