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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Carter county storm damage 2.17.21

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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Carter county storm damage 2.17.21
Carter county storm damage 2.17.21
Bobbi McSwine shows us the storm damage in Carter county

C1 3 storm...last week's ice.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine took a trip to carter of the hardest hit counties in the state...and shows us some of the damage.

####### "most of the poles on top of the hill right here are broke because of the trees."

I saw a 6-mile snapshot of the devastation caused by the severe winter weather this past week.

...only 6 miles in grayson...of the nearly 25-hundred miles of line...within 6 counties...covered by grayson rural electric co-op.

C-e-o bradley cherry...and robert brown...graphic information system technician...gave me the rundown.

"the lines here have a lot of ice of them and they're starting to really sag."

Our first area with 12 broken electric poles.

"this is the primary line right here.

See that ice on it here?"

Brown says it's times like these he's very grateful to be a part of a co-op.

"these guys have been a blessing.

They're taking time a way from their family here to help us."

Next area where a tree fell through a primary line.

"the phone line hardly ever breaks, but when you get a tree that's holding that much pressure on it, it's very dangerous to cut."

...danger i saw first-hand as crews slowing trimmed the tree.

Our final stop...shady valley...where about 13 poles are broken.

"this is usually a road right here."

Maintenance leadman chris mosier says calling the situation 'tough' is an understatement.

Mosier:"a lot of the struggle is getting around, the ice on the roads and trees.

You start up one road and you may have to cut your way in, cut your way back out."

Plus...the hidden danger behind working on the poles while someone may be using a generator that's not hooked up correctly.

Cherry: "they're putting i long hours each and every day.

The weather is not cooperating, so the safety of our members, the safety of all of our workers out there are of great concern for us."

Cherry says about half of the co-op's coverage area is still without power...and with another storm coming wednesday night... cherry: "we're just asking for patience from them in a very difficult time."

In carter county...bobbi 36 news.

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