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Sunday, 28 February 2021

10-year-old recovers after 100 days in the hospital

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10-year-old recovers after 100 days in the hospital
10-year-old recovers after 100 days in the hospital
10-year-old recovers after 100 days in the hospital

20-20 was difficult for many of us.

But for one local 10 year old... the year was one she would "certainly" like to forget.

"riley drummond" spent the beginning of the year like most kids in the valley.

But after a bicyle accident...everything changed.

News 10 bureau chief gary brian tells us about her struggle and her fight to recover.

Pkg gar} "when you first meet riley drummond she seems like any other kid.

However this bright young 10 year old has already seen her fair share of hardship."

Riley drummond may look like a 10 year old.

But on a daily basis she deals with responsibilities that most don't have to encounter for most of our lives..

"she is very much in control of her care.

She knows all of her medications.

She questions everything, wants to know why."

Drummond was born with congenital heart defects.

In july she had a bicycle accident that bruised her up and chipped her tooth.

Drummond began to feel sluggish.

Her family thought maybe the 10 year old was having growing pains...but riley drummond knew something was up.

"i had a lot of pain in my body.

And mom and chris did not believe me.

They thought i was faking."

Diagnosing the pain was difficult.

Labs weren't coming back with definitive answers.

"my iron was low and...i don't remember really."

But in just weeks everything changed.

"she was septic.

She was very ill.


Bacteria had entered her heart and brain through the accident.

This required brain and open heart surgery.

"it just blows my mind to think about it now but i didn't think she was going to live."

But she did live.

With her mom by her side...riley drummond's determination pulled her through.

Drummond was able to get back home by the end of the year.

"i know that we will forever have a bond.

And now she's on a new path.

A new path of healing.

And shots!.

Shots haha!"

Gar} "riley had another procedure done earlier this week.

She did fine, but is still in the hospital.

Of course we wish her well.

Working from home in vincennes, gary brian news 10."

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