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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Statewide Snowstorm impacts Indiana’s COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

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Statewide Snowstorm impacts Indiana’s COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts
Statewide Snowstorm impacts Indiana’s COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts
Statewide Snowstorm impacts Indiana’s COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Indiana governor eric holcomb held his weekly covid-19 press conference today.

That's where state health officials detailed the major impact the state-wide snowstorm had on vaccination efforts news 10's dominic miranda listened in on the press conference.

He joins us now live in our newsroom with more information on what indiana plans to do moving forward.

Because of the snowstorm that went through the entire state of indiana... over 43 thousand vaccine appointments have to be rescheduled.... and moderna vaccine deliveries to the state haven't gotten there chief medical officer dr. lindsay weaver says because of these weather related issues... the state is keeping vaccine eligibility to hoosiers 65 and older for this week.

[take pkg incue: the good news outcue: **bite** from this pandemic duration:0:46] pk} the good news is that more than 60 percent of eligibile populations in indiana have been vaccinated or have scheduled appointments.

Dr. weaver says... once vaccine deliveries get back on schedule... indiana plans to open up eligibility to hoosiers ages 60 to 65.

She says the state will pay close attention to see how weather will impact vaccine shipments.

Hopefully... the state says they will be able to expand as soon as next week.

Dr. weaver says the state will continue to use an age-focused approach... and will move eligibility to hoosiers 50 and older as soon as vaccine supplies allow indiana to do so.

"vaccine will continue to remain a precious resource for some time.

But we are confident that our approach will protect those who are most vulnerable and put indiana in a strong position to emerge from this pandemic."

More good news despite the weather... dr. weaver says vaccine waste has been incredibly minimal..

In fact just one-one-hundreth of a percent of the 1.3 million vaccines the state has received have expired or been wasted.

Reporting live in the newsroom i'm dominic miranda news 10

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