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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Vaccine shipment delays

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Vaccine shipment delays
Vaccine shipment delays
How soon to reschedule

First tonight: new bi?

"*partisn legislation would offer the paycheck protection program as an option for rural hospitals.

The bill ?

"* spearheaded by minnesota democratic senator tina smith and mississippi republican senator roger wicker.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live in rochester with the reason behind the effort.


George and amy ?

"* senators smith and wicker hope by offering rural hospitals access to the p?


"*p it wi allow facilities to focus on providing quality care to patients while retaining staff..

Like larger health care centers are able to do.

The bill would waive small business administration affiliation rules for non?

"* profit critical access hospitals and rural facilities.

Senator smith says many small hospitals operate as part of larger health systems which then exceed the 500 employee limit under s?


"*a's affiliation rules making them ineligible for the p?



Smith hopes this b can change that.

<community hospitals in worthington and owatonna and places that might be affiliated with a big health system and because of that affiliation they weren't eligible for the paycheck protection program before now and they really need this help.

> smith hopes this bill will take effect sometime next month as part of the federal


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