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Friday, 26 February 2021

police reform report

Credit: WKTV
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police reform report
police reform report
police reform report

Advisory committee, made up of 17 people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, had the tough conversations about delicate topics and out of those conversations came recommendations for 12 reforms. newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

Marquis williams co-chaired the committee that generated the 55 page utica police reform report .

None .

None 14:54:22 "i'm proud of the result.

I think it's gonna be one of the best ones that gets submitted to the governor" the report makes 12 recommendations.

Among the key ones: establishing a crisis intervention team for the many mental health calls the department responds to 14:48:00 "we're gonna select one officer that's gonna be working with an mcat social worker on a daily basis, and one of the main things is not necessarily always responding to calls for people in crisis, what we're finding is we need to get these peoople connected with the mental health services that they've become disengaged with" they hope this will get those people the help they need and prevent the officers from responding to the same calls for the same people over and over again.

Another recommendation- the creation of a civilian advisory board 14:57:18 "civilian public safety board has to submit recommendations based on the audit they commission every year" an audit, by an outside 3rd party.

Another recommendation is increasing implicit bias training for officers stand up "the mayhor, the co chair of the committee, everyone on it says they're not doing this, they're not issuing this report because it was required by the governor.

They did it because they want improve relations between the policdepay serve.

They also say a lot of the measures, they were already doing" 14:53:21 "when i said i felt good gng intothisy done these things; we just haven't done it on an annual basis like some ofhecommitee meo have seen" 15:00:00 "we've had bias training, we've had implicit bias training, the committee will get public input on the report, give it to the council to apove, then, to the mayofor hissignatu> continuing coverage of what appeared to be a the advisory committee, made up 17 pple


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