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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Dementia bill in Indiana

Credit: WTHI
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Dementia bill in Indiana
Dementia bill in Indiana
Dementia bill in Indiana

"a bill"..

Is progressing..

That would help hoosiers "affected by alzheimer's" and "other dementia-related diseases".

News 10's "porsha williams"..

Is contininuing coverage for you now..

On a story she brought you "at the beginning of the month".

////// i talked with natalie sutton... she's the executive director of the alzheimer's association greater indiana chapter.

House bill 11-77 un-an-imously passed the public health committee earlier this week.

She says this bill is off to a great start!

/////// [take pkg outcue: acions moving forward duration:1:40] [notes:] this bill is similar to house bill 15-42..

That focuses on several things..

Like providing basic training for first responders on how to engage with dementia patients... and requiring indiana to have a dementia coordinator within state government.

House bill 11-77 hones in on another one of those objectives.

"so the house bill 11-77 would require the family and social services administration division of aging to devlop and admnister a strategic plan for the state of indiana for dealing with alzheimer's and other dementia."

Sutton says she's excited to see how she seems to have all hands on deck to push this bill forward.

"the committee was extremely supportive.

The bill was passed by the committee unanimously so we're eager for that to go to the house floor and ultimately to go to the senate and move through the senate to hopefully make this bill a law."

Representitive ethan manning co-authored this bill along with house bill15-42.

He sent us a statement in part saying: i will put phoner graphic here with statemen} "dementia is a condition that can significantly impact an individual's daily life and require a high level of care to manage symptoms. this legislation is a positive step forward."

Sutton says the indiana house could hold a hearing as early as next week.

"so everyone is really excited even though this is a paired down version we're looking at...this is such an important first step for the state of indiana.

We know that having a state plan will enable us to take some of those other actions moving forward."

/////// now this bill now this bill still has to move to the indiana house for a vote.... then to the senate so it can move through the legislative process.

Coming up for you at 6..

I'll tell you... what you can do at home to help this bill along.


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