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Friday, 5 March 2021

City Crews Brace for third winter storm

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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City Crews Brace for third winter storm
City Crews Brace for third winter storm
City Crews Brace for third winter storm

For its third winter storm in about a week... with road crews working for the past seven days continuously.

Drivers are still being asked to stay off the roads.... but if you have to travel... lexington leaders are asking you to stay patient.

They say road crews have added pea gravel to their salt mix... to add traction... since salt isn't working as well now in such cold temperatures.

Officials say crews were working on neighborhood roads today... but will be pulled back to main roads once the winter weather returns.

They say crews and equipment are feeling the fatigue... but are ready to tackle the storm rob allen, streets and roads: "i was looking at one of our truck maintenance records the other day and that truck had not been turned off for four days straight, except to get fuel, but it had run continuously."

It's all hands on deck too.

Since the city isn't collecting garbage right now... some of those employees are volunteering to help clear

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