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Friday, 26 February 2021

Republican commissioner resigns

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Republican commissioner resigns
Republican commissioner resigns

Both Oneida County Board of Elections commissioners have now resigned amid calls for their removal by local and state leaders.

Election commissioner foroneida.

The republican commissioner followed.

Rose grimaldi submitted her letter of resignation to the oneidacountys this morning.

This stems from the 22nd congressional fistrict race....that took three months to decide.

The county legislative majority leader points out: this year presented the perfect storm....a lot of different balloting, prolonged balloting, covid....and removing the two current commissioners only addresses so much of the problem.

12:44:58 "so those are challenges and we can take those commissioners out, but it doesn't solve the problem, so from our perspective, and i think i'm speaking from the county, i think we wanna do a review and we should take some time and do kind of a forensic evaluation of what is policy and what was practiced" 12:45:21 we could learn who the republican and democratic committees want to nominate at the next board of legislators meeting, march 10th.

The city of utica's police reform report is


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