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Saturday, 6 March 2021

Winning ticket sold in Camden

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Winning ticket sold in Camden
Winning ticket sold in Camden
A Mega Millions ticket worth $96 million was sold at the Kinney Drugs in Camden.

Bon jovi's new jersey mansion.

19 million boxes of girl scout cookies.

Things you can buy and still have money left over if you won last night's mega millions jackpot.

And that winner is among us.

The ticket was sold locally!

96 million dollars!

That's more than the city of utica's yearly operating budget.

Newschannel 2's kirk tupaj tells us how people are reacting to the news.

A mega millions jackpot winner purchased their winning ticket here at the kinney drug store in camden.

Nat sot: "you're kidding me."

Only one ticket matched all the numbers needed to win the estimated 96 million dollars.

That's roughly 68 and a half million dollars in cash.

As you mighthaf the town.


None .

None sot: ray guyer, camden resident they won the mega millions here last night?

(96 million)96.

Well it wasn't me.

I ess ifyou .

Sot: sue hebble, camden resident i was dumbfounded.

With that amount of money in this community it could go a long way, especially with the families that are here.

I'm just hoping somebody who really needs it won it.

Sot: ray guyer, camden resident i think if i would have won it i would give something to thecamde folks that need it.

Sot: sue hebble, camden resident with people being out of work in this community, you know they've been having a hard time, so i really hope it's somebody that really needs it.

Sot: ray guyer, camden resident unbelievable.

You know i can't fathom that (laughs) 96 million.

Oh my lord.

That's amazing.

God bless them whoever won it.

Sot: sue hebble, camden resident that poor person's probably going to hide for a while.

(laughs) whoever bought the billion dollar winning lottery ticket in michigan has yet to come forward, so we'll keep you posted if and when a winner here claims this prize.

In camden, i'm kirk tupaj reporting for newschannel 2.

> no winner yet....with the camden ticket.

Here are the numbers.... 1, 36, 44, 54,66.... time for a first look at the


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