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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Mayo expands vaccination age

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Mayo expands vaccination age
Mayo expands vaccination age
Mayo expands vaccination age

Even reaching 40 degrees.

Vaccine access is expanding once again at mayo clinic..

If you're 75 years or older you can now receive the covid?

"*19 vaccine.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from downtown rochester with more on the access expansion.

Jessica katie?

"* mayo clinic started vaccinating patients 80 years and older..

That's now expanded by five years.

It's slowly expanding so it doesn't exceed the around 29?

"* hundred doses of the vaccine mayo receives for the region each week.

While the state is vaccinating people 65 years and older..

Mayo says with 140?

"*thousand patients that ae in the health care system it's not possible to start at that same age level without overwhelming its system.

However ?

"* during a forum tody mayo clinic says pfizer anticipates having 170 million doses available by june of this year..

Modenra will have 2oo million by the end of june and johnson and johnson is promising 100 million doses by the end of march ?

"* so the hoe is vaccines access will continue to expand to all ages groups in if it's really true then by the end of june of 2021 my estimate is that about 200 million people would have access to vaccines by the math that i'm hearing so that's really reassuring if you're in the 75 or older age group you do have to wait for mayo clinic to contact you.

Reaching out to the health care giant won't get you in line any faster.

Live in rochester jessica bringe kimt news thank you jessica.

Mayo clinic says currently about half of its staff are vaccinated..

With a majority of teleworkers waiting for vaccine approval and about half of patients 80 years and older have


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