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Friday, 26 February 2021

West Lafayette neighbors opposed to student-housing development

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West Lafayette neighbors opposed to student-housing development
West Lafayette neighbors opposed to student-housing development

The student-centered development, called West Campus Cottages, would add 280 units to 40-acres of land west of Purdue University's campus on State Road 26.

West lafayette subdivision are opposed to a proposed student- housing development.

It's on state road 26 west of purdue university's campus.

News 18's joe paul reports why they say the project isn't a good fit for the area.

< dydak: "it's a beautiful development proposed, it's just the wrong place."

Ulrike dydak's home in the orchard subdivision borders the site of a proposed student- housing development.

Dydak is one many neighbors banding together against rezoning the land from r1, single- family, to r3, high- density housing.

Dydak: "we really want to keep this area as it was planned.

There was a good plan for it.

It is all zoned r1.

We all looked for that when we came to move here, and so we would definitely want to keep it that way."

Neighbors created a "stop the rezone" website, yard signs and petition with more than 350 physical signatures.

Zionsville-based attorney mike andreoli is representing the homeowners association.

Andreoli: "it's essentially trying to stick a square peg in a round hole."

Dan teder is representing the developer, trinitas ventures, in the petition to rezone.

Trinitas declined to be interviewed for this story.

Teder: "that's basically what everybody says: 'we're here and we don't want anybody else here.'

... i just totally disagree with that comment."

The student-centered development, called west campus cottages, would add 280 units on 40- acres west of purdue university's campus on state road 26.

Area plan commission staff recommended denying the rezone, saying the project doesn't fit into the u.s. 231 corridor plan or the established land-use patterns.

Teder: "the old standards for this were that it should be r1 but that was before sewer and everything else came to this area ... i think what they're relying on i don't agree with and object to their recommendation, as well."

Reporting in west lafayette, joe paul, news 18.

The area plan commission will consider the petition to rezone during a meeting at 6 o'clock tomorrow evening.

Dozens of people are expected topeak and submit letters in favor of and in opposition to the project.

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