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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Todays Top Story

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Todays Top Story
Todays Top Story
Today's Top Story

Faith so i go with what the bible says.

I'm pro life absolutely 100%.

Leah: governor tweeted his support for the bill yesterday tweeting, quote, pass the heartbeat bill and he says he will sign the bill although likely to face court challenges.

Jon: hoping face-to-face will lead to fireworks ordinance.

Tuesday night fireworks to post the time limits when pyrotechnic devices can be lit because everybody abides by those.

Mayor michael lockliear says they will work with business owners to see if they will voluntarily post so they won't be shooting them off.

Leah: 59-acre project in awendaw could bring something.

Rachel: awendaw want to put a stop to mine expansion here on cape romaine.

Neighbors held signs along the intercoastal waterway and shared their concerns for the king tract mine expansion.

Susan cox says any development in awendaw needs to maintain the areas character.

She explained a mine expansion near her home and others isn't the right idea.

The residents bike here, they check their mail at the mailboxes on the roads, our children learn to drive on these roads.

We drive on these roads.

The south carolina environmental law project says a lawsuit was filed against dhec and king direct llc in december.

Attorney for king trek says in part, quote, we do not expect any noticeable or substantial increase in truck traffic because of this mine for local residents.

Corroborating the conclusion king tract previously operated s from the public or any safety incidents, end quote.

We have the full statement from sc dhec and king tract llc on the website.

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