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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Butte College sports set to return for Spring Semester

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Butte College sports set to return for Spring Semester
Butte College sports set to return for Spring Semester

Baseball, Softball, and Track & Field will have season's this Spring after Butte College opted-in to play sports.

Baseball is scheduled to have a 28 game season but will need to follow guidelines.

New tonight -- butte college opted-in for spring semester sports.

Baseball, track and field and softball will have competitive seasons this year.

Action news now reporter esteban reynoso is live at butte college, esteban you spoke with a player about the upcoming season -- how do they feel about getting back out on the field?

They're excited about being able to play a season again since last year half the season was taken away, but there are guidelines they have to follow before getting back out there.

"it's a huge step for me just to be able to get out on the field this year because wihtout being able to get out on the field we wouldn't have been able to put up numbers which is what i need to make it to the next level."

"for our kids to be able to get into some form of routine and be able to do what they love, we're very grateful for the oppurtunity."

Butte college opting in to spring semester sports, tees up teams to have their first games since march of 2020.

"it was really hard to go through and then having to go back home and not having a full facility that i can't go to everyday.

Having that gap was very difficult especially not seeing live pitching for that amount of time, you have to get back into everything and hopefully everything is where it was."

The roadrunners were able to practice during the fall, but climbing covid cases halted it.

This time, the team can practice with games in sight.

"all that being said, we're able to practice in small pods, we have to social distance, we have to wear our mask, we have to make sacrifices, it's not like it used to be, but with that being said, our kids are willing to make those sacrifices so we're able to get out on that field."

What's kind of the end goal for you guys?

"it's funny that you ask that, there is no end goal because we're gonna play games and we don't know the rules right now, and the rules change everyday, so what we're trying to talk to our guys about is we can't get caught up in when we're gonna play, how many games we're gonna play, all we can really do is get caught up in the present, all we tell our guys is everyday how fortunate we are to be able to go on to the field, come onto this beautiful campus, and we can't lose sight or take advantage of that, so we have to social distance, we have to go home, we have to wear our masks, we have to do our part or else it can be taken from each one of us."

Coach ferro told me tomorrow all players will have to take a covid-19 test -- then next week half of the players will be tested again, then the following week the other half -- so on and so forth.

Live at butte college, esteban reynoso for action news now.

Butte college baseball is scheduled to play 28 games


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