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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Crews on standby to treat icy roads

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Crews on standby to treat icy roads
Crews on standby to treat icy roads
Crews on standby to treat icy roads

Be open all evening.

We continue our team coverage with waay31's megan reyna.

She's been monitoring conditions throughout morgan county since this winter storm moved in.

Megan, how are things tonight?

We knew there was going to be another possibility for icy roads tonight -- and that did happen.

I was told by morgan county's e-m-a director brandy davis -- there were some issues on beltline road -- but since then road crews have sanded it and traffic is moving fine.

Still -- there's a chance for some of the snow from earlier to turn to black ice.

Bridges are still the main concern.

But al-dot is on stand-by ready to treat any icy spot.

But this snow was a sight to see -- with some people braving the cold temperatures to take it in for themselves.

But really all day -- people have been staying inside.

Several businesses closed early again tonight.

Last night -- decatur utilities was dealing with power outages.

Ad lib update on power outages if any or not!

Live in decatur mr waay 31 news


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