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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

A successful almond bloom will depend on rainfall

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A successful almond bloom will depend on rainfall
A successful almond bloom will depend on rainfall

Its officially almond bloom season which will last into mid-March.

A successful bloom is essential for a good harvest.

This is entirely dependent on bees and disease.

The more rainy days there are, the worse the bloom will be.

Late season rain heads our way..

This year's almonds are are just beginning to bloom.

New at 5 -- action news now's bryan ramsey is live in chico -- bryan, is the continuing wet weather good news for this year's harvest?

Well hayley, it all depends on how much rain we get and when we get it.

In our area, almond trees usually bloom around mid- february with the bloom season lasting about a month, usually into mid- march.

Warm and sunny weather are what kickstart the blooms and good weather along with other factors are essential for a good bloom season.

"if you have a big crop one year, you tend to have a little lighter crop the next year.

Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it, we're coming off of a monster crop last year.

We had one of the best crops we've ever had up here in northern california.

Despite the large crop last year, this year's blooms are off to a good start.

Good blooms require sunny, warm days with no rain because of bees, which polinate 100% of the trees in an almond orchard.

If there are enough days like this, the bloom should be a success, contributing to a good harvest.

If we have another miracle march this year, the almond bloom's success will all depend on if we get the rain in short spurts or daily over an extended period of time.

Reporting live in chico, i'm meteorologist bryan ramsey, action news now, coverage you can count on.

Another reason rain could be bad for the almond bloom is the chance of developing fungal diseases inside the blossoms. almond blossoms are very prone to get certain diseases in wet weather such as brown rot, shot hole and bacterial


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