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Friday, 5 March 2021

Oregon Rep. opposes Klamath River dam removal

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Oregon Rep. opposes Klamath River dam removal
Oregon Rep. opposes Klamath River dam removal


E Werner Reschke wrote to federal regulators, asking them to oppose the project to remove four hydroelectric dams along the Klamath River.

These dams are along the klamath river and have been a point of discussion for quite some time.

Joining us now to discuss his opposition is rep.


Werner reschke.

Thank you for joining us.

-- today you released details of a letter you sent to ferc, imploring the denial of the dam removal -- you cite a concern about toxic silt built up behind each dam, saying that is the reason pacificorp wants to get out of the current ownership, to avoid liability -- and just for some background for our viewers, ferc issued a ruling that requires pacificorp to remain a co-licensee even after handing over the dams. then oregon, california, leaders from two native american tribes and representatives from a pacificorp owned company signed an agreement that promises to see the project through -- so it appears by these actions and statements that there seems to be preparation for potential issues and commitment to resolve any issues, can you explain where your concern lies if there is reassurance from multiple states and others to handle any issues?

-- you also site a concern for the ecological wellbeing of the river - should the dams be removed and toxins released down the river.

Ecological issues are also at the core of concern from those that support the dam removal -- is there an alternative solution you have to propose?

In your view, is this a choice between the lesser of two evils?

--have the recent blackouts in


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