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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Temporary blackouts suspended as Evergy works to restore power

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Temporary blackouts suspended as Evergy works to restore power
Temporary blackouts suspended as Evergy works to restore power
Temporary blackouts suspended as Evergy works to restore power

Blackouts this morning -- but hopefully they are over for now.good evening, i'm alan van zandt.

In all evergy turned off the power to nearly 100,000 customers in their service area in an effort to conserve energy but a little after 10 this morning southwest power pool...the power grid manager of 17 states... lifted it's emergency electricity reduction order.

Evergy has been busy since, trying to restore power blackouts aren't completely off the table.

Here's kq2's kilee thomas with what's causing these planned outages during the coldest days of the year.

Kilee thomas reportingmonday's planned power outages rolling over into tuesday morningsot: evergy's senior vice president chuck caisley-"we know that this is extremely cold weather.

We know that this is extremely frustrating."

For the second time in southwest power pool's history and in back to back days- they ordered evergy to turn off the lights.

Impacting 170,000 customers getting ready to start their day.

Sot: caisley-"if you're on the treadmill, that probably means your workout is done for the day."traffic lights hanging lifeless...shoppers walking down grocery store aisles in the dark stopping for gas.

Sot: caisley- "believe us, we would not be calling for these temporary power outages if they were not required by the southwest power pool and if they weren't necessary to prevent a larger, longer more prolonged outage."

Customers frustrated with lack of notice by the power company but evergy says it's practically impossible to give their customers a heads up because they get very little notice when they're ordered to hit the lights.

Sot:caisley-"for example this morning, we got a notification at 6:45 am- within 15 minutes, we were required to start reducing the demand in our service area."

The outages only meant to last 30-90 minutes at most-but parts of st joseph had longer wait times sot: caisley-"we select groups of customers to meet that level of demand reduction and then we immediately start those temporary power options."

Evergy says by turning off the power for small periods of time- they're trying to prevent larger, uncontrolled blackoutssot:caisley-"we know temperatures are extreme, we know even 30,60,90 minutes is something that is daunting for people.

We're just asking for some patience."stand up: more temporary blackouts aren't off the table as the extreme cold continues- evergy says be prepared by planning ahead.

Keep your phone fully charged, bundle up and be patient.

Reporting in st joseph kilee thomas kq2 news evergy says up to 25% of their customers experienced an outage today they expect the power grid to return to normal operations by tomorrow evening.

If you're blackout lasts longer than 90 minutes, evergy says to give them a call.

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