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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Making Black History featuring Justise Moore

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Making Black History featuring Justise Moore
Making Black History featuring Justise Moore

Justice Moore is using art as a gateway to teach and touch lives.

News 25’s Sabria Reid takes us to her art studio in Biloxi where creativity meets education.

- justise moore is using art as a- gateway to teach and touch- lives.

News 25's sabria reid, - takes us to her art studio in - - - biloxi where creativity meets - education, take a look.

- - 24 year old justise moore - owns a creative art studio in - biloxi called create with jay.- the art studio is a safe place- for familys and friends to come- together and learn while they - - create.

Moore is a mother, the- owner of two businesses, a- teacher and she is going to - school for her masters degree - in leadership and human - resources.- justise moore, owner of create- with jay: - "it doesn't feel like work, it feels like it's something that- comes natural, it's something - you enjoy."

Moore launched her business - during the pandemic.- she's created a small intimate- setting allowing her to bond- with- customers one group at a time.- justise moore, owner of create- with jay: - "for a lot of people, it has been a place for people to come- as a group."

Sabria reid, news 25, - "she attracts guests in with a fun family activity to do, but- there's really a lesson - behind each painting."

As a teacher at anniston- elementary in gulfport, moore - uses painting as a gateway to - reach the minds of those she- interacts with.

- justise moore, owner of create- with jay: - "people get bored, they don't want to listen to a documentary- they- don't want to hear a lecture.

S- if you gives kids ruby bridges- and you give them martin- - - - luther king and they have to- draw about it, well "why am i drawing this person,- who is this person, what did- they do, why are they so- important?"

Kids begin to ask those questions, adults- begin to ask those questions."

She hopes her space opens the - doors to inspire and touch- lives.- justise moore, owner of create- with jay: - "how can i reach the next perso becuase it was somebody who - wasn't apart of my- family who touched me, and- that's my biggest thing being - able to touch the next- person."

Moore is making black history o- the coast one painting at a - time.

- "for my art studio i kind of wanted to have the kids to be - able to do something outside- - of school but they still- learned."

"it allows the kids to be creative, it allows them to hav- their own creative mind, it - allows them to wonder.

If you - start with art, the kids kind o- they become more- curious."

In honor of black history month- - - - moore is hosting black history- sip and paint feburary 19th and- black history trivia- february 20th visit the create- - - with jay facebook page for more- details.- in biloxi, sabria reid, news- 25.

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