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Friday, 26 February 2021

PKG: FRYSC week 30 years of resources

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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PKG: FRYSC week 30 years of resources
PKG: FRYSC week 30 years of resources
PKG: FRYSC week 30 years of resources

Kentucky's frysc week is wrapping recognizes the k-through-12 family resource youth services coalition.

With this organization families across the commonwealth have access to resources through their child's school.

Abc 36's monica harkins talked to some of the coordinators about why these resource centers can be life- changing.

### "runyon: we are here for you we want to help you" family resources... "runyon: we truly are in a position where we wear many hats.

" it can mean a lot of things...from helping people pay rent to tutoring.

In's called "frysc" family resource youth services coalition...and this year marks 30 years since its creation,.

"we are the silent first ... we do it because we're compassionate because we want to see our families and our children be successful in life."


Johnson in lexington is the president for frysc and a coordinator at winburn middle school...during this week of recognition she wants people to know the coordinators at schools across the state spend countless hours for others.

"t.c.: we don't have a 9-5 job it sometimes can be a seven day week job."

And in rural counties like nicholas...coordina tor paula hunter says it might the only place for families to get what they need...but it's also community effort.

Paula:"all have to do is call and say we have a family who needs and they're right on it or i'll put it on facebook and they step up to the plate to help."

And during the pandemic she says the need for help has of course gone up.

Paula: " i've probably quadrupled the number of home visits," a visit to drop off items like food boxes.

"runyon: it really does change their life, " back in runyon is another veteran coordinator with 14 years experience...she says the family resource youth services coalition is a well rounded organization based on caring.

"runyon: anything, it takes to help our families and our students be successful not only here at school but at home too.

" all for the future of the next generation.

In lexington, monica harkins abc 36 news.

### during the pandemic...a lot of people say they've


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