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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Ash Wednesday services

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Ash Wednesday services
Ash Wednesday services

Too...because of coronavirus.

News channel 2's brent kearney reports on the changes church- goers can mark the beginning of lent.

"ash wednesday marks the beginning of lent or 40 days from easter.

Some pastor's tell me services tomorrow are going to be a little bit different" a day that's normally filled with gatherings and hope will take on a new form this year.


None .

None "the whole ambiance is different and i think in our absence of each other, its been a full year where i havent seen many very active families in our parish but we keep in touch as best we can."

Father joe says he will be welcoming some people inside of our lady of lourdes church for morning services, but due to capacity limits alot of people will have to watch at home.salerno says the syracuse diocese has also asked all of their catholic churches to distribute ashes a littel differently this year.

"these are some of the ashes that we will use.

And instead of taking them and marking each congregate on their forehead, a more visible sign, we will simply sprinkle them on top of their heads."

Over in verona, the st peters lutheren church will be giving out ashes in a drive thru, but it's nothing the church inst already used to.

"that's right we've been doing it for about 7 or 8 years now.

And we've always just stuck to the morning hours thinking people on their morning commute will stop by."

All you do is drive up to the front door, honk thhor ashes.

"we're requesting to people when they come, wear a mask.

Because when we give you thr ashes we will need to bearm" and churches are staring services early.

"we start as early as 6:30 in the morning here at lourdes.

For those who gather their will be a very brief service the distribution of ashes and getting people on their way to work."

Brent kearney news channel 2 > the downtown utica hospital is not the only local hospital


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