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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Furnaces and the cold

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Furnaces and the cold
Furnaces and the cold
Furnaces and the cold

Blast is wreaking havoc.

And, there is a part of your furnace that can be impacted by the cold as well.

The all- important filter.

Kimt news 3's tool-time correspondent jeremy wall talked to the experts.

Jw furnace-llmpkg-1 lowerthird2line talent:jeremy wall coverage you can count on a warm up might be on the way but the arctic air is still here and still remains a threat to many things around our household including furnace filters.

Lowerthird2line:cold weather and your furnace rochester, mn brian keehn is the technicians are often called when a furnace stops doing its job.

Often times---- the problem conditioning, plumbing & electrical ..

Alot of people that haven't checked their filters have had a real hard time with their furnace because it takes every bit of heat the furnace can possibly put out to keep up when it gets this cold.

Weather and your furnace air conditioning, plumbing & electrical ..

If the air filter doesn't get enough air fluid through it, you can't ged rid of the heat in the house where it's and your furnace rochester, mn when the temperature drops well below zero---- furnaces can fail.

Often times, that happens lowerthird2line:dan draxler lead service technician, k&s heating, air conditioning, plumbing & electrical ..

Normally this time of year were slowing down quite a bit because mild beginning of winter and an insanely aggresive tail end of winter with temperatures.

Lowerthird2line talent:jeremy wall coverage you can count on the experts at k & s say maintenance is always important---- including that all-important filter.

If your heating system isn't maintained, sub zero temperatures can finish a furnace off.

In rochester jw kimt news 3.

Furnaces often fail just before dawn when temperatures bottom out.

K & s would obviously like you to call them if that happens to you.



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