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Friday, 5 March 2021

Covid precautions are still needed after vaccination

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Covid precautions are still needed after vaccination
Covid precautions are still needed after vaccination

Freeborn County Public Health is urging people to continue wearing a mask, social distancing and washing their hands even after they've received the vaccine.

Fleming coverage you can count on as the rate of vaccinations improves, the light at the end of the tunnel is coming in to view.

Still, that raises the question, what's next?

Kimt news 3's maleeha kamal spoke to the freeborn county health director to find out more.

Mk precautions-llmpkg-1 lowerthird2line talent:maleeha kamal coverage you can count on i'm at the mayo civic center and this is the spot where the rochester community mass vaccination will be taking place.

I spoke to a public health director who tells me once you get your vaccine you still need to take precaution.

Lowerthird2line coronavirus:after the vaccine rochester, mn sue yost is the freeborn county public health director.

She says once you get vaccinated you still need to wear a mask and carry hand sanitizer.

Yost says while the vaccine gives folks an extra layer of protection that protection only goes so far.

Lowerthird2line coronavirus:sue yost public health director, freeborn county "after people get the vaccine i do advise that people be cautious because its not 100 percent effective.

You may develop disease.

Hopeflly with the vaccine you will have a lesser effect of the covid virus.

You are less likely to be hospitalized but you are still at risk of spreading the disease.

Lowerthird2line talent:maleeha kamal coverage you can count on yost says if you do decided to travel still us all the same health guidelines and to quaratine when you get back.

In rochester maleeha kamal kimt news 3.

Yost says freeborn county only has one reported case of covid today.

She believes the vaccine is contributing to the improved numbers.


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