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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Profile Mocs QB Drayton Arnold

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Profile Mocs QB Drayton Arnold
Profile Mocs QB Drayton Arnold
Profile Mocs QB Drayton Arnold

Of chattanooga's new starting quarterback drayton arnold last october in the only fall football game last year.

The mocs now prepare for the start of a special spring socon season with arnold at the helm.

News 12's angela moryan sat down with the old dominion transfer to see what he brings to the mocs offense.

Angie: drayton, you transferred to chattanooga two years ago from old dominion.

You weren't really getting the starts there, but you're supposed to get the start here at chattanooga.

What makes you the starting quarterback for this mocs team?

Arnold: i think just right now being able to sit down and prepare the right way and being able to play with confidence and go out and have fun with my teammates and play football games.

I've prepared really, really well over the past few months, and unfortunately covid has allowed me to do that.

So just really doing my best and improving my game and going from there, building confidence from there.

Angie: if anyone knows anything about preparation it would be you.

You have two masters degrees already.

How do you think that has helped you prepare for a football season when you haven't been able to be on the football field as much?

Arnold: yeah, i think from that standpoint, knowing how to prepare and knowing how to be professional or maybe treating the game more like it's a business is something that i'm fairly aware of i feel like.

So just going out every day preparing as well as i can and doing whatever i can to win football games, is what i'm focused on right now.

Angie: last time the mocs played a full football season, quarterback nick tiano was the starter.

He's more of a prostyle quarterback.

You are more of a dual threat quarterback.

What's the biggest difference we're going to see from the offense given that shift?

Arnold: you got to cover me a little bit more.

And we'll be able to get the ball on the perimeter a little bit more to our running backs.

You may do a little bit more quick game stuff, more bubbles, more rpo stuff.

Maybe some more quarterback run stuff, some triple option stuff, so you'll probably see more of that in the offense this year.

Angie: how will this spring season help you guys, especially the younger players get prepared to do whatever is scripted up?

Arnold: i think it will be big for us, i do.

I think it will obviously allow some of those young guys to play, some of those guys that haven't played a lot like myself to play and get that experience coming into the fall.

I think that's a big reason to why we're playing now.

And on top of that, just go out have fun compete and try to win a championship

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