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Sunday, 28 February 2021


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Anchor: thanks for joining us, just as it has been all week long, weather is the big story around these parts and is sounds like it is only to be getting colder for the weekend.

We will start off things with a trip to the forecast center, and how nasty this is going to be.

Meteorologist: it is not going to be good, i just stepped outside just a few minutes ago, and it is brutally cold out there.

Anchor: it stings.

Meteorologist: it does, if you do have to go out at all, make sure you bundle up.

It is one degree, that's the actually air degree, four below in minneapolis.

Those temperatures are not going to be moving.

Look outside and show you what's happening.

Well, there you can see it, a lot of snow on the ground.

And that snow is not going to be melting look at the wind chill forecasts, 23 below tomorrow morning is what it could feel like for your saturday morning.

Sunday will feel like 18 below.

There's not much to say it is going to be a brutally cold weekend, rockport at 0, when we figure in the wind chill, look at that, what does that say?

17 below.

There you have it, i guess if there's any good new, the battery on my car died.

Anchor: oh my goodness.

Meteorologist: it made one of those noises and that was it.

Anchor: thank you mike.

> our freezing temperatures will lead to higher heating bills, meaning there will be less money to pay for things like food, that seemed to the case at second harvest, today their mega mobile food program drew hundreds of those in need.

Staff say the food they are giving out can make all the difference.

We are in the middle of a missouri winter, but just because it is cold, doesn't mean that hunger and food insecurity decreases in fact in many ways, through the course of the winter month, food insecurity increases as folks are still struggling with increases heating bills.

Anchor: more at 6:00, with one man out on his bike for food.

> now to the pandemic.

There is a new time line on when most americans can be eligible for a vaccination.

It appears to be not too far from now.

More on today's health minute.

Reporter: as more coronavirus vaccinations roll out, and into the arms of eligible american, dr. anthony fauci putting together a time line.

If you look at the projection, i imagine by the time we get to april that will be what i call for better wording, open season namely virtually anybody and everybody can get vaccinated.

Reporter: fauci is certain that places like pharmacies will help pick up the pace and not just for those in higher priority group, from there it will take several more months to get everyone vaccinated.

Hopefully as we get into the middle of end of the summer, we have accomplished the goal of what we are talking about, namely the overwhelming majority of people in this country having gotten vaccinated.

Reporter: as more cases of the highly contagious virus variants are found in the united states, health officials say the current vaccines may be slightly less effective against the variants but do work against them.

Anchor: pfizer and moderna are looking into booster shots that would specifically tart those variants.

> meanwhile when getting an up date on another virus usually dominated the headlheadlines.

The flu has taken a back seat, some have had fears after potential twin-demic.

It would add to the stress on the health care system, i'm grateful that those practices we use to protect against covid have the side benefit of keeping the flu cases low.

Anchor: local health officials say flu cases this year are almost nonexist ant, the exact reason why isn't quite clear but all the safety protocols are likely helping.

> when we come back, attorneys for former president donald trump taking the podium today, they began their defense in trump' impeachment trial and ended in just over two hour, we will have the latest from washingtonfter anchor: on capitol hill, donald trump's legal team getting their opportunity to lay out his defense, pushing back against the claims that the former president is responsible support the deadly january 6th insurrection.

Trying to separate the former president's words from the actions of the violent mob.

Reporter: donald trump's legal team opening with an aggressive defense the former president, turning the spotlight detective lion the democrats.

It is a deliberate attempt by the democratic party to smear, censor and cancel.

Reporter: the defense accusing house impeachment managers of manufacturing evidence against trump to boost their case that the twice impeached former president is responsible.

They cut off the video before they showed the president's optimistic, patriotic words that followed immediately after.

Reporter: trump's attorneys using their only selectively edited video montage, taking both out of context.

Throw a punch.

Donald trump, i think you need to go back and punch him in the face.

Reporter: the defense lawyers hinge on three main arguments, that the trial lacks drew process, than it is unconstitutional and trump's word before the deadly insurrection amount to every day political rhetoric, using a nine minute subsequence of democrats using the word fight to make their point.

I'm going to be fighting.

It is a word people use.

Reporter: the defense team urging senators to vote to acquit trump, branding the impeachment trial, nothing more than political theater.

It is constitutional cancel culture.

Reporter: and late friday afternoon the trial moving into a question and answer session.

Isn't it the case that the violent attack would not have happened if not for the conduct of president trump?

To answer your question, very directly, donald trump summoned the mob and lit the flame.

Reporter: after the q and a session, both sides will make their closing arguments.

The trial is expected to resume tomorrow.

Anchor: passion point outreach found their winner of the 2020 caregiver award.

Co-workers say ferguson goes above and beyond for his patients, employees and he is a chap lain and a firefighter.

He says he was surprised and did not even know he was nominated.

It is quite an honor, i really appreciate that very much.

Just surprise, was not expecting it at all.

At the end of the day, colleagues, the people that he has taken care of us these are all the people that nominate in these categories, it is really i think it is a special honor to be nominate bid people you take care of as well as people you work with.

Reporter: he says he doesn't have a spot for the plaque yet, and and the trophy but he won't have any problems at all making one.

> still ahead on live at 5:00, freezing rain is now to blame for the multiple deadly crashes on thursday as areas brace for more winter weather on the way for the weekend.

Meteorologist: that cold air is going to continue to move, in bitterly cold temperatures this weekend the first part of next week, talk about that in a few minutes, stay with us, we will ht b anchor: time now for the word of the day, today's word is lincoln, make sure to tune in every day and catch that word the day, then go to our website and look for word of date under our contest section, enter the word for your chance to win a $100 gas card.

We will have a winner coming up at 6:00, collect all the words for a chance to win a trip to branson.

> dangerously cold here, dangerously click to the south.

A deadly pileup in texas that involved more than 100 vehicles.

Reporter: high speed wrecks after wreck, after freezing rain turns parts of i-35 in fortworth texas into a disaster zone, more than 130 vehicles, twisted and mangled.

65 people injured, six people lost their lives.

Crews working through early this morning to clear the tangled medicine, and that was after they wednesday vehicle to vehicle searching for drivers who were trapped.

I was one the ones who was able to walk away, there were people that couldn't.

Reporter: that yelling and the screams of those who couldn't get out, compounded by the fear that hypothermia would set in.

It literally shaking my vehicle every time they would come and hit the group of cars.

It was terrifying.

Reporter: rain, falling on subfreezing surfaces also made for horrific wrecks in austin.

This 26 car pileup sent five people to the hospital, in atlanta, heavy rain caused accidents and this fiery crash, kill.

Anchor: subzero temperatures here have not been delightful, everyone is complaining, i keep telling them it is valentine's weekend, you will get heated up some how with all the love in your life.

You don't know.

Meteorologist: you try to put a positive spin.

Yeah but you know what the studio smells wonderful.

It does joseph's mom, what's your mom's name?


She brought in corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, i have already had four bowls.

Anchor: can you kidding?

I bet you will have a stomach ache.

Anchor: no i won't, it is fantastic.

If she is watching, thank you.

Let's start off with the almanac, four degrees, is the high today, look at the low, three below, 41 and 21 your normal high and normal low, 71 the record back in 1990, 10 below the record back in 1944.

I tell you what, we are going to be dropping down pretty quickly, we have a few snow flurries out there right now, temperatures will continue to drop throughout the nighttime hours, i think we will be lucky if we stay at 0 for tonight.

Let's hope that that happens.

Temperatures right now around the area.

T two in troy, one in maryville.

So as we go towards tomorrow, your saturday, even though i think we will have a few breaks in the clouds we will be in the single digits for highs that's unacceptable.

Wind chill forecasts for tomorrow morning, feel like 21 degrees below 0 here in saint joseph.

That's below 0, that's what the winds are are going to feel like outside at 4:00 in the morning, going to feel like 20 below.

So, it is going to continue to be very cold as we move into sunday morning as well.

Now i think that the winds will be basically die down just a little bit but then the brutally cold air will start to move in, any way you look at it, if you have to be outside at all this weekend, for any extended time, make sure that you do bundle up because it is going to be very cold.

All right, can you see that there is wind chill advisory and this is going to continue, i guarantee you all through the weekend and first part of next week.

There is a storm system that is going to make its way into the midwest that storm system is actually going to track a little further down to the south, oklahoma, texas, arkansas, are going to see some very heavy snow it will be down to south of us on sunday and monday, that storm system will track very close to

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