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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Warming shelters in St. Joseph area open

Credit: KQTV
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Warming shelters in St. Joseph area open
Warming shelters in St. Joseph area open
Warming shelters in St. Joseph area open

If you are without heat or power -- and need somewhere to go... there are multiple warming shelters open in the area.

This is a screen grab of the state's map of warming shelters -- in our area you can go to the st.

Joseph health department, the salvation army and either of the rolling hills library branches during regular business hours.

And the library has loosend one of its covid-19 restrictions due to the weather.

You can now stay inside for longer than 30 minutes as long as you follow social distancing and mask requirements.

(michelle mears, rolling hills library: we have had a couple of groups of people we think might have been homeless.

Maybe they were living in an automobile.

Who have come by and stayed for longer than the 30 minutes so we try not to pry too much or ask about their living situation but we just do require that they wear masks.")there are also emergency shelters for overnight needs -- the salvation army accepts families, cap st.

Joe is open to individuals --but you must be at the 8th street location by 8p.m.

To get a bed for the night, and then there is also the ywca for victims of domestic or sexual abuse and their children.


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