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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Wabash Valley warming center fills up

Credit: WTHI
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Wabash Valley warming center fills up
Wabash Valley warming center fills up
Warming Center in Terre Haute Fill Up.


The snow may be over for now.... but unfortunately -- the bitter cold continues.

Luckily there are warming centers for those in need of shelter.

And as news 10's tucker white tells us - some have been forced to adapt to covid-19.

Pkg tucke} as we've told you... warming centers across the wabash valley have been open... but there have been some changes to the way they operate... the two warming centers that have opened up in the wabash valley are at saint stephans episcople church in terre haute... and inside out recovery in brazil... this is the first year that inside out has opened its doors... but saint stephans has been offering shelter for the past five years during extreme weather.

This year looks different for the center... after the covid-19 pandemic caused people to loose their jobs... the homeless population began to grow.

And now... the warming center is the busiest they've seen it in years... "our numbers are significantly higher when compared to other years.

Theres an absolute need because we have people who are now like literally homeless.

Sleeping in encampments.

Sleeping on the railroad tracks.

Sleeping behind buisnesses."

Tucke} saint stephen's has been open for a week... and plans to remain open for as long as this cold sticks around... in terre haute... tucker white... news 10... again...there are two warming centers in the wabash valley.

One is at saint stephens episcopal church in terre haute.

The other is "inside out" recovery


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