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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Chico Police Chief Madden In His Own Words

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Chico Police Chief Madden In His Own Words
Chico Police Chief Madden In His Own Words
Chico Police Chief Madden

Has been a little been a little over six months since a new chief took over the chico police department.

I recently sat down with chief matt madden - we talked about what he has learned, who*h* is& and his vision for moving the department forward.

"i wanted to help and wanted to do something that was bigger than myself that desire - led matt madden into law enforcement 28 years later& he wears the chief's hat "i spent three years as second in command?i had a pretty good idea of the level of responsibility but you really don't understand until you're behind the desk of what it takes.

" chief adden took the helm in the midst of the pandemic and growing angst over local homelessness.

"it was made very clear to me by a majority of citizens in this community and city management that they want their parks back& there was also national turmoil in the wake of the george floyd killing, and a tense election season?"it was a difficult time to take over.

One of the things i'm most proud of, is that we really relied on relationships established in the community p you didn't see the kind of violence one effort to strengthen community bonds - - a new liaison program p pairing command staff directly with specific sometimes vulnerable communities& lgbtq, african american, jewish hispanic& "anybody in this community i want them to feel safe and want them to be protected.

Where does chief madden hope to take the department?

Continued capital upgrades, beefing up staffing, out of uniform& chief madden is a husband, a father?grew up taking dips at sycamore pool.

Now - grown up and watching the community do the same& his hope as chief?

"from day one until now i love the job, i'm excited every day to come to work.

Despite all the things going on it is still a noble professions and an honor to be associated with it.

C hief madden says he knew taking on this role would be difficult - but stresses no one can know just how much - until they are in the position.

He says his goal--- is to "leave this place better than when i found it."###


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