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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Your Community with Kay - New School in Athens

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Your Community with Kay - New School in Athens
Your Community with Kay - New School in Athens
Kay talks with the city manager of Athens about a new school for the city.

Kay blevins are you doing in a those wanting to do in your community with welcome back everyone.

We have some exciting news in our community news a da to share with you concerning a new school that is being built in athens tennessee and joining us now to tell us all about it is that sumner he is the new manager in athens.

Thanks so much for joining us going to be with you from the friendly city was today.


Let's talk a bit about this new school.

This is the first time and 45 years.

The new school system is being or new school i to be developed in athens tennessee.

That's right, our last school building was built in 1977 is been a project that has been long discussed in long needed in our community had to were so proud to be able to hea today that the city council has funded two new schools to be constructed on the one roof.

It will be a fantastic model for w believe the state of tennessee.


And i know the city of athens is very excited about this as well tell us a little bit about some of the buildings and what parents can expect to school board has designed an incredible beautiful building o a large campus.

This will actually remove districting within our entire school.

So all kids of any of any specific grade will be in that grade together in this building.

I'm so it makes a centralized campu in the core of our community an to it has been building over 100 trees planted on this property it will have an amphitheater.

The classrooms are going to be's date of the all and we will be able to, especially for our students in the the need extra help.

We will have special classroom areas for that is absolutely wonderful, a little bit about what some of the classrooms will look like you were talking about state of the art technology.

How will this be different for the students.

Yes, so currently, the students aren't properties that are 80 years old and so of course, just like our homes classroom needs student needs have changed over generations and so our classrooms will have for good closet areas that will have lasting in them so so children can make sure that they're goin to be very clean.

We know that's important to the pandemic.

The air systems will have ionizers and down on the spread of germs and these will be more classrooms. although we didn't keep our classroom size student number of students in those classrooms very small here in the city schools which is wonderful.

Tell us about the phase is when this can be expected to be completed so originally because of the hefty cost.

The projected cost of the the plan was to faze the school building in the school board came back with their quote and it was much lower than any body expected and because the listed to the city council fund both o those places at one time and time and the council said yes last week so we are were often were looking to have our students moving into this new facility in fall 2023 a lot of exciting news going on in athen tennessee.

Thank you so much seth number for coming on the broadcast and telling us all about this new school and a lot of folks in athens are very excited about it.

Thank you.


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