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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

How Onsight Fitness is Redesigning the Gym Experience

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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How Onsight Fitness is Redesigning the Gym Experience
How Onsight Fitness is Redesigning the Gym Experience
We look at Onsight Fitness that is redesigning the gym experience.


A utc professor and alumni have teamed up to open a chattanooga gym that aims to make fitness less intimidating for newcomers.

News 12's kenan scott spoke with the founders of onsight fitness about how they hope to change the industry one client at a time.

When it comes to fitness, many people want to get in shape.

But a lot of times, they don't know where to start.

They might even feel a little intimidated.

"what i wanted was a facility that would be geared towards helping people just get and reach the physical activity recommendations and develop some confidence in their ability to move and exercise."

That's where utc associate professor nicholas boer comes in.

Onsight, which was launched in 2016, exists to bridge the gap between the medical world and the fitness world.

Averyhart says more individualized programming is developed to build confidence and create independence as the clients progress.

"we differ from other studios because we are more of a learning experience than anything.

So when you come into an onsight studio you actually see the workout you're going to do each time and you are part of the filling out process of putting your information of like the weights that you use and things of that nature so that hopefully within three to four months you know what you're doing and you can do those things outside of onsight."

Nicholas plays an advisory role in the business, saying a large part of onsight's training model is dictated by his background and teachings.

"everything we do is evidence based.

Lot of science and lot of data goes into every single exercise prescription that we create.

So the data shows that you need a good mix of aerobic and resistance training so you need cardio and you need weights."

Overall, boer says the goal of onsight is to build up confidence, and not just to make sure you look good in the mirror.

"i wanted to help develop a facility that really would teach the things that we taught in the classroom as well as provide a good environment for people to exercise."

Reporting in chattanooga, kenan


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We look at Onsight Fitness that is redesigning the gym experience.

WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN

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