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Monday, 1 March 2021

Rural internet gets an upgrade

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Rural internet gets an upgrade
Rural internet gets an upgrade

Many in Forest Ranch have been dealing with slow internet, but with Starlink, they can finally have high speed internet.

Several have already signed up for Starlink as it rolls out its beta testing.

Lift 2, 1, zero.

Ignition... and lift off.

Spacex launched its next batch of starlink satellites into orbit tonight from cape canaveral, florida.

Spacex now has more than 1,000 of the starlink satellites in orbit.

Starlink is described as an internet constellation, meant to provide low latency, high-speed internet across the globe.

And it's not goal or a dream.

Spacex is accepting customers right now for a beta program, launching the service.

Reporter bryan ramsey was in forest ranch today to speak with people ready to sign up.

Many of our communities in northern california are underserved when it comes to access to high speed internet.

That all may change with the release of starlink.

Douglas patterson lives in forest ranch "when we eventually got dsl, we were very excited and it was a huge improvement from dial-up, and of course not everybody in forest ranch has dsl.

So it's limited on what we can actually do here and of course with covid and working from home with just myself and my wife, its very difficult to actually stay on a zoom meeting without being disconnected.

I makes it a little tough.

So with starlink being available, everybody in the community extremely excited."

David mccrillis lives in forest ranch "internet has been pretty bad lately, especially the wi- fi.

We get bad signal.

Can't even hardly watch any netflix or anything.

We did see the starlink go by when they originally let off the 60 or some satellites, it was pretty cool.

If we can get that in our area, i think that would be a great thing."

Craig kielb lives in forest ranch "so the way the world is now, i think it's important that we have good internet.

I personally don't use it a lot just cuz i like to live in the woods and like to be all by myself, so i'm not a big techy person but just the sheer communication in the world we live in i think it's important and that people up here have access to it."

Douglas: "the speeds that they promise is much faster than what i currently get right now.

I get a download speed of maybe three.

So even on a worst day, i mean we're talking worst day ever, i might get a ten, i think.

It's a megabyte from starlink and that's, like i said, the speeds are up to 210 but even if i got 10, i would be happy."

Access to starlink internet will not be restricted to just those in the united states but will be available to anyone across the world.

Reporting in forest ranch, i'm bryan ramsey, action news now, coverage you can count on.

Starlink is still beta testing but plans to roll out to more people worldwide throughout 2021.

You can find out how to sign up on action news now .com.


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