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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Recall Gavin 2020 gaining traction

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Recall Gavin 2020 gaining traction
Recall Gavin 2020 gaining traction

The movement to recall Governor Gavin Newsom said it has now surpassed the number of ballot signatures it needs to force a recall election, more than 1.5 million.

Organizers say there is a likelihood that tens of thousands of those signatures will not be valid, so the push continues.

Action News Now spoke to the leaders about the process, and to a Chico Democrat about why he doesn't agree with the push.

The movement to recall governor gavin newsom says it has now surpassed the number of ballot signatures it needs to force a recall election - more than 1.5 million -plus.

But with the likelihood that tens of thousands of those signatures will not turn out to be valid, the petition push continues.

New tonight at 10 -- action news now reporter amy lanski spoke to one of the leaders about the whole process.

"25,000 volunteers, about 60,000 total, but about 25,000 out there every weekend gathering signatures and doing what they can to remove gavin newsom.

We have had 300,000 democrats sign this already."

Mike netter is one of the leaders of the recall gavin movement.

Karl ory is a representative for the chico dems group.

Karl ory "it seems like if you raise enough and spend enough you can get anything qualified."

Netter: "this is not being done by big money, this is the largest volunteer effort in american history, over 1.2 million signatures we gathered so far have been by volunteers.

I am at the head of the recall and i make nothing."

Ory argues the recall is a distraction to larger issues in the state.

Ory "we really need to be focusing on the pandemic we need to be unifying around vaccines for veterans for health care workers fo the elderly and we are on track to do that."

Netter: "gavin newsom himself is not solving the covid-19 issue, and in fact has locked down most of ca accelerating the cycle of shutting down small businesses."

Ory: "the governor has not much more than a year and a half before voters decide whether or not to continue him?

The republicans have only won in the state when they jack up the odds and go for a special election in a recall."

Netter: "gavin newsom wants to go to washington he does not care about ca, so for starters we cannot afford another year and a half of gavin newsom."

Netter says they verify signatures before sending them in.

All signatures need to be in by march 17th.

Reporting from chico amy lanski action news now coverage you can count on.

The lieutenant governor must call a recall election between 60 and 80 days after the certification.

Today the california g-o-p gave 125,000 dollars to the recall campaign.

Now this is a hot topic acros the state and people are taking a part of the dicussiong on our facebook.

One comment says it's a quote "waste of time and money" and "at best he gets recalled and another democrat takes his place."

Another reads -- "time to get a governor who listens to the real voices of the people.

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