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Friday, 26 February 2021

Making a Dream Become a Reality: Rochester blind man learns to pitch

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Making a Dream Become a Reality: Rochester blind man learns to pitch
Making a Dream Become a Reality: Rochester blind man learns to pitch

Chris Mathews made a plea on social media wanting to learn to pitch, but never imagined what might happened next.




Said "if you can dream it, then you can achieve it."

That's the exact motto a young man here in rochester is living by as he fulfills his dream of learning how to pitch.

Take a i am legally blind.

I have a condition called retinopathy of prematurity.

I was born at 26 weeks and my retinas partially detatched not long after and so i do a lot of things by muscle memory, by touch, by hearing so i don't use the vision i have a whole lot.

Chris mathews is a 23?


"*old rochester resident.

His passion for baseball began while listening to the voice of baseball broadcast bob uecker ?


"*?* "when i was nine i got a boombox for my birthday) but chris playing experience is limited.

I tried playing tee ball but there's that scene in the sandlot where they hit the ball over the fence and the game's over that was me every time i hit the ball because i had no idea where in the yard it went so i would invariably wonder around and find it ?

"* ended my tee ball career before i could really get it started but that's how it goes.

After hitting the batting cages last summer ?

"* chris decided he wanted to give pitching a try.

So he put out a plea on facebook.

I kind of expected a couple of people to maybe want to i don't know show me in their front yard or something without breaking any windows but he received a much larger response from the rochester community than he could have ever dreamed of ?

"* including an opportunity from wade beavers at ?

"(the yard?

" it's a little bit personal for me.

I have a brother that's blind and deaf.

Growing up.

I realized nothing should be a limitation for anybody so once i saw the post ?

"* it was super bowl sunday ?

"* i'm sitting there going here's this person that's so willing to want to learn something that we take for granted the initial agreement was five free lessons ?

"* but wade also threw in a new glove.

So far ?

"* chrs is making great progress.

It hurts, it's frustrating, but i love it because this is not something i did as a kid and no matter how many times i have to work on certain things for me it's about that process and figuring it out a lot of times we try to teach kids being visual learners, this is a difference where we're actually teaching them by feel.

So an example we take forgranted when we tell somebody to throw a four seam fastball, they would see the four seams. chris has to feel it.

The ultimate goal is to let (?






Brewers fan ?

"* chris said his long hair was inspired by none other than the closer ?

"* josh


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