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Friday, 5 March 2021


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Right now but cool and blows know the nation's capitol.

Headed low to mid-60s this afternoon.

Sun will be out and shining really in the next few hours we will get rid of the clouds.

But more on the way.

In fact, another weather make or the way.& i will tell you when we could get rain in the forecast.

That's coming up.



> as i conclude my term as the forty-fifth president of the united states, i stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together.

We did what we came here to do and so much more.

Jon: final farewell from forty-fifth president, donald trump.

Today is inauguration of joe biden.

Definitely, quote, unique day.

Here to discuss dr. gibbs.

Not only joe biden but kamala harris.

Joe biden couldn't be more different than donald trump.

Again, to have never have a woman as president or vice president.

This is the forty-sixth president will get sworn in and to have kamala harris be sworn in as vice president.

Really special day for america and, you know, a lot to be excited about for a lot of people.

Leah: let's talk about how the day will go.

How does the day work and how it will go differently.

How so?

Typically what happens is president comes over to the white house.

They ride together over to the swearing in ceremony.

Very different.

Trump has been a very, very different president.

He is bolting out of there.

He will get out of there and vice president pence will be representing.

There will also be a lot of members of congress, including mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy.

But again, breaking with a lot of tradition.

There will be many things you recognize but obviously with president trump he is always broken with tradition and really wouldn't expect it any other way.

He will go out a little bit differently than many of the predecessors.

Jon: we watched the scenes of both parties coming together celebrating new administration.

Then the work has to get done though.

We know the executive orders are coming on day one.

Do you think this president, this administration, can work and congress can finally get things done about trying to, let's say, you know, solve immigration issues here, get the minimum wage boosted, help people with covid-19 and relief into american's pockets.

Do you think that they can actually get stuff done?

I'm hopefully for key reasons.

One, we have real crises.

I think joe biden is right person.

Knows how to compromise.

Knows how to get things done from his time in the senate.

We have just got to come together.

I mean we -- it is going to take democrats and republicans and what happened in georgia will be a boost to getting things done.

To have -- the democrats have that the razor thin majority but still majority in the senate will be very helpful to the new administration.

Leah: earlier you mentioned that there could be a little bit of a honeymoon phase but do you think the biden harris need to get started?

They definitely need to get started.

What i'm hopefully is in this early stage it may be the gloves will -- you know, there will be a little bit of forgiveness period.

It won't be just complete partisan war.

I know early in the obama administration mitch mcconnell said my goal is to make him a one term president.

Stood in the way of a lot of progress for barack obama.

I'm hopefully that certainly after january 6th there will be a new era in american politics and willingness to work together.

If joe biden subsidies our entire country succeeds and doesn't have to be a war where there are really no winners.

Jon: attacks have already started.

President-elect with trillion dollar spending plan to revitalize the economy and help out with covid-19 already getting a lot of critics saying there's no way it will pass.

How exactly do you go out and whip the votes and make sure that change does happen?

It is going to take some compromise.

Democrats probably won't get everything they expect.

Certainly no -- you know, some of those folks that are talking about the deficit in spending weren't saying that as much when president trump was proposing different policies.

But again, you don't always get -- nobody understands that better than joe biden.

He will lay proposal on the table.

The senate and house will debate it and hopefully they will meet somewhere in the middle, but there's clearly, you know, racial unrest, the economy and front and center the coronavirus pandemic.

Leah: you know, my last question to you, like jon said, we have already been seeing some of the attacks.

For all the voters very not optimistic how government officials will do their job because we have seen them fail so much recently, what's your message though to people who are already have the mindset.

We are not going to do anything, we are not working together.

We still have our agenda.

We are still moving forward with toxic environment and we don't care who's in office.

What's your message to those government officials who already have their mindset set?

I would say to take this as a reset, whether it is like a control alt delete on your computer or chance to start a new.

The problems are too great to dig into your camps.

Give the other side a chance.

The ultimate outcome will be better if you're involved in the process.

If you just withdraw, you're going to end up with kind of the same gridlock that we have had.

Problems are too great so try to work together.

Jon: we have impeachment number two.

I'm sure we will be talking to you in the weeks to come.


Jon: national guard members are out.

We work very closely with law enforcement.

If there's any identification or anything whatsoever that needs to be looked into out of an abundance of caution, we automatically pull those personnel off the line.

Jon: pentagon says the military removed two of the 12 national guard members because of inappropriate comments or texts.

Federal law enforcement examining in washington d.c.

Right now.

It is part of routine security, especially for event involving the president of the united states.

Leah: any one of last acts president trump had 73 pardons and 70 commutations on the list.

Steve bannon on the list and he is accused of frauding millions of dollar in fundraising campaign supposedly aimed at supporting trump's border wall.

He granted clemency to rapper little wayne who's pleaded to illegal gun possession in december.

Jon: last hours in office revoking rule in presidency.

President trump signed order within first week of office and ban officials and weakening ethics rules put in place by predecessor former president obama.

The outgoing president removing that ban he put in place presumably allowing lobbying when they begin government service.

> we have a fox alert for you.

New overnight president-elect joe biden has released a list of his administrations day one executive actions.

We wanted to get specific on this for you.

Many of them concerning the covid-19 pandemic.

Now, those actions include a on0 day masking challenge re-engaging with the world health organization this after president trump cut ties with who back in july and lastly creating a new federal position.

That's covid-19 response coordinator to help structure a unified national response to the crisis.

Others include halting border wall construction and extension on the student loan pause.

For a full list of the day one executive actions head to twitter page at report every brooke.


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