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Saturday, 6 March 2021


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Morning - today, joe biden becomes the leader of the united states.

Coming up, we'll look at why his inauguration will be different than those before him.

New policies will be implemented as joe biden takes over office today.

Coming up, we'll look at how those policies could impact your wallet.

"news 12 now this morning.

Your news starts now."

Jeff jeff your new morning and needs help now we are glad to waken up at wednesday to inauguration day ... is making a list of things she's going to do if she gets this a we've been talking about this fantasizing is more likely to know anyway will play as wrong answer.

I well spoke $700 million and up ... the mega millions of powerful ... nominal art will you know what they say money can't buy happiness that actually i ... so many thought so little time to move over here to talk about forecast.

We got these clouds o enrolling through the area ... and where the clouds a bit thicker as were using temperatures reading a little bit elevated like right here in town.

We've got 42.

Right now, 43, of scottsboro minor windchill effect in some of the area, but really it's nothing dramatic you're looking some colder air pushing its way back from the west.

Right now it is 130 ... colder in nashville was this time tuesday morning 130 warmer in atlanta, 44 and 4004 35 and fort payne 34 dunlap as we get into the afternoon.

We'll see highs right at this ... at seasonal for this time of year classic and up overnight tonight ... rainfall beginning during that same timeframe, mid and upper 30s very low 40s, early morning tomorrow and again, we should make it up to fifth ... in the 52 as we have through the day on ... thursday will talk more about that seven-day forecast in just a moment right now with timesaver traffic.

Here's matt ... and on the ui flow from the mcmaster strategy right we can better live life good for the drive in this morning, no accidents, no delays in all goo in and out of downtown international october or atlanta did find one disabled right shoulder can be 75 northbound before the reduction of opening issues this morning to be out without one shortly and that is our latest update on traffic matters traffic for that field for needs.

12 now this morning.

Thank you matt for that day.


Trump has just a few hour left in office or deadline and is one and as the next presidenton dc will be on the ms of those at today's inauguration.

Cbs's skler henry is on capitol hill with details on the historic day as we cover the nation.

Pkg president-elect joe biden becomes the nation's 46th president when he takes the oath of office today.

I harry s truman / i john fitzgerald kennedy after an emotional sendoff from his home state yesterday.

"when i die, delaware will be written on my heart."

.mister biden traveled to washington, where he paid tribute to the 400-thousand americans who died due to the coronavirus.

"to heal, we must remember it's hard sometimes to remember.

But that's how we heal."

The incoming president is expected to sign a series of executive orders reversing some of president trump's policies.

"this american carnage stops right here and stops right now."

Unlike past inaugurations, the national mall will be mostly empty for today's ceremony due in part to security concerns following the assault on the capitol.

"the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" president-elect biden is expected to call for unity in his speech after being sworn in by chief justice john roberts.

So help me god.

/ congratulations mr. president... president trump is breaking from tradition and will not attend the inauguration.

In a farewell address released by the white house he offered the incoming administration his best wishes...while trying to cement his own legacy.

"i want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning.

" meanwhile the senate's top republican said president trump bares some responsibility for the rioters on capitol hill.

Majority leader) "the mob was fed lies.

They were provoked by the president and other powerful people..."

The president's senate impeachment trial may start as soon as next week.

Bofta yimam, cbs news, washington.

Less people are expected to attend this year's inauguration due to security threats and covid-19, but more people may decide to watch the presidential transition from home.

In 2017, over 30 million viewers tuned in for president trump's inauguration.

With a combination of covid-19 and the most tallied votes by americans in 2020, president elect joe biden's viewership will be record breaking according to forbes.

News 12 asked folks in chattanooga if they plan to watch the inauguration.

Yes i plan on watching the inauguration.

It's a unique time.

I just hope for a safe and easy transition.

I think it's just very eye- opening for the times.

I think it's very good that they are beefing up the security after the recent events.

The inuaguration of joe biden will begins today at noon.

A new president typically means begins today at noon.

A new president typically means new policy .

With the coronavirus pandemic still in full effect joe biden's plan could have impact your wallet.

President elect biden outlined policies related to taxes, social security, and coronavirus relief.

The upcoming president is also considering increasing the minimum wage to around 15 dollars.

Leaders of blue ridge wealth planners says a higher minimum wage can lead to job loss and businesses shutting down.

"what you're going to have is a large impact to small businesses here who are going to have to increase the pay of those workers substantially.

Again, it's not an argument whether they should be paid more or not it's just when you have that as the new minimum, it's going to put a lot more strain on the cash flow of a business."

Biden's policies also offers a tax incentive for families with children, increasing benefits for social security and widowers, and offering the nation it's third round of stimulus checks.

Over 750 soldiers in the tennessee national guard will be in washington d-c today for joe biden's inauguration.

The tennessee army national guard is providing over 700 soldiers from 3 different brigrades, one of which is headquartered here in chattanooga.

The tennessee air national guard will provide roughly 50 airmen.

The soliders will assist crowd management and security for the event.

The united states 2 newest senators will be sworn in today.

Georgia democrats jon ossoff and raphael warnock are expected to take their oath of office today at 4:30 after joe biden's inauguration.

This is less than 24 hours after georgia certified their wins in the runoff elections.

Jon ossoff becomes georgia's first ever jewish u-s senator and the youngest u-s senator in history.

His oath will be taken on hebrew scripture.

Raphael warnock becomes georgia's first ever black u-s senator.

His oath will be administered by vice president kamala harris.

President trump issued a number of pardons on his final day in office.

One of those pardons has a local connection.

Darrell frazier was convicted of running cocaine from los angeles to chattanooga over a 6 month period between 19-88 and 19-89.

He agreed to a plea deal and still got 30 plus years.

Frazier has already served almost 30.

His mother joyce johnson petitioned the president for clemency for her son.

According to her, frazier founded the joe johnson tennis foundation.

She says, the foundation teaches tennis to hundreds of children each summer at local recreation centers.

As we cover the community - they're supposed to live closer to the arctic, but there's a snowy owl in a chattanooga neighborhood.

Jennifer jones, who lives on preserve drive off highway 58, posted a video to facebook, showing the owl perched on top of a house in the residential neighborhood.

Now, the word is out, and this snowy owl has attracted a lot of fans.

The travis family of rhea county was in florida, when they heard about him.

They rushed home to see the bird that's not supposed to be here.

"no, its an artic bird that has to have cold air and water to survive., i guess.

I've never heard of one being so far down this way.

So, it's amazing" while snowy owls are rare in this region, there have been confirmed sightings of the bird in georgia and tennessee.

There are only 28 thousand left in the world.

Now for the forecast, here's chip chapman.

Coming up, .

== morning good morning kay, you are correct.

The picture, check out the hullco weather window jefferson suspect ... great great shot jennifer in this wideout.

Indeed, it is a thing of beauty just off of highway 58 jennifer we would love to see more pictures, send men will take care of the rest.

Patrick will have the updated hullco weather window ... between night on prime news at seven cloud cover continuing the sinks out for ... today.

It's would be dry to be a quick flurry over into the western north carolina mountain, but that soon ... will be coming to an end as well.

Temperatures are a little bit warmer here in town.

We've seen these clouds passing through a little bit of the heat down here at the earth's surface.

Lee points at highway 153 a reading of 420.

Humidity of 60% wasn't died down a littl bit pretty stout just a short while ago.

Now the rather the north west ... only at 6 mph, secondary, cold fronts going to be sweeping through the nations capital little bit later on the day.

This could pick up some wins an have ... pretty chilly temperatures but overall forecast for washington dc should stay dry for us.

It'll be a little warmer and sunny.

Highs nearing 50 today clouds increasing overnight tonight.

The brain through this time tomorrow morning and hopefully by the time we get into tomorro afternoon.

We'll see.

Barely quick clearing eyes getting back up to around 50 satirist is me friday morning there's a good possibility.

Those of you into the extreme southern parts of our viewing area into north alabama and georgia will pick up additional shower ... rainfall amounts so just are not going to be all that impressive at least out of the system.

I think the one were to be lookin at kickoff next week ... that will bring us more moisture.

The sore dry weekend.

First things first, right.

The weekend looks dry saturday look nice sunday clouds increasing in and here comes the rain.

This i going to be a ... batch of moisture.

The way things are shaping up now.

This will begin, probably late sunda night ... definitely lasting through monday before coming to an end early on ... tuesday and then later on into next week will see some more moisture this'll be only to ourselves.

Now keep in mind a lot can no doubt will change between now and nifty 53 this afternoon, so not too bad they had all moral met seven-day from the epb fiberoptics weathe center.

We are at 50 and above for each of the next seven days away from the city.

You'll be a few degrees cooler.

Early morning lows thing terribly bon chilling rain gear.

You'll need it first.

After the day tomorrow and most of the day on monday, probably in early ... you were watching used 12 malice morning straightahead.

Every parent wants to have their kids eating a healthy diet and her mom to mom segment we have is not is not healthy, was also practical will fill you in on this morning.

Your news now."

We live in such a fast paced world that eating on the go is becoming a new normal.

In today's mom to mom we have a healthy snack that's quick and easy to make.

Check it out.

Looking for a quick, easy and healthy snack option for those kids?

Today on mom tom mom we've got to covered.

Today we're making broccoli and cheese tots.

It's super easy and it's just a handful of simple ingredients that you have around your house.

So all you need is three cups of cooked and chopped broccoli, i like to just go ahead and buy the microwaveable kind and dump it right in there, one large egg, 12 ritz crackers crushed, and we already have these made up, one heaping cup of cheddar cheese plus a little more for topping, a half a tablespoon of garlic powder and a half a tablespoon of salt.

So what you're going to do is you're going to mix all the ingredients together all in one.

Just mash it in there.

Then we're going to take our mini muffin pan and grease it up.

Then we're going to take our mixture and fill the mini muffin pan all the way up to the top but make sure it's in there really good.

Then we're going to pop it in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes until it's nice and brown on top.

This is such a simple and easy, healthy snack for those kiddos.

They can have it for lunch.

You can pop it in their lunch bag or you can just have it at lunch at home.

They will definitely love it, my kids do.

If you have any suggestions on things that your kids love we'd love to hear it.

You could post it to our facebook page and we'll see you on the next mom to mom.

We want you to hear about your creative ideas for our mom to mom segment.

Send them to us by going to wdef dot com and click on the mom to mom tab.

The vols men's basketball team struggled to put the ball in the hoop as they took on the rival the florida gators.

Rick nyman recaps the game in sunrise sports from the gatorade sports desk.

As we head to the break, here's a live look from our c-h-i announcer: now, for news 12 from the rain.

Florida was three key players tuesday against sixth-ranked tennessee ... .

The balls are missing james springer ... and their officers, springer set out with an ankle injury.

Nice bank shot from florida straightman and the gators.

Anthony the ricci nose eve pond with the block on josiah jordan james tennessee had only one player in double figures.

John fulkerson was 15 balls at 11 1/2 florida's time, read appleby with a slick.

I asked omar payne for the jam, victor daley junior bringing the darkest games with us.

Erica shot but tennessee trailed by as many as 28 of the second half.

This won't help appleby to aim for the alley under dion johnson says i can write some thunder.

Just not enough tonight.

Paul shot 29% and get 50 points gators beetle by a final of 75.

What a leaf lane for their home opener tuesday against shorter university james willingham will drop a three from the wing blames up double digits in the first half.

Please equate kennedy also adds a three ball you just missed a double double point .9 boards to recall chases the mythos, he goes over the back.

Nothing senior ref nothing at all.

Final text of the first half the on hendrix launches the three with less tennis rackets in no already face a buzzer in it at all cool fellows look at my history baby blames rock a 70 victory high school action, bradley sent a letter t east hamilton you think that cameras rolling.

Matt was cruise bears cruise in the first half, carter howard, the bounce bears the eight team canes got the advantage right before the half open scores in the paint you sam still don't see the bright, the canes enjoyed a big third quarter hangs howard easy to ... there is trying to hold off the charts.

Trevor carpet with a corner three looks like he give a double life.

The canes took the air out of rabbit with the pressure defense and force a turnover.

Darwin randolph, leanne canes cut the lead to to to start the final.

And they complete the comeback.

The 72 five ... sad news from dalton for golden state at basketball coach tony ingle has done according to his son is a tony passed away at th age of 68 from compline.

Haitians do to cope ingle help resurrect the roadrunners basketball rim in 2013 app program was dormant for 30 35 years and in just a second season ingle led golden state t the naia national ... title ingle also won a national championship in 2000 ingle also won a national championship in 2004 as a head coach ... at kennesaw state is also a sad day for braves fans is don sutton is nine that was all the fame picture ... to join the atlanta braves broadcasting crew in 1989 ... sutton was 75 years old, surprising news from tiger wood on tuesday his golf career is o pause once again.

After i another back surgery.

Woods recently underwent his death surgery on his back.

He hopes he might be a return to the masters in april ... as if her sports we will be wednesday morning, and you are in shape to drive in this morning at about travel time from walnut avenue i 75 adult into downtown to dirty two minutes right now for your excellent shape it in for wytheville and catoosa county this morning.

It is a story throughout the valley secondary local result.

Wyatt well behave right now.

Are you 24 or older planning to return to college without setting they can help you achieve the whole tuition free visits at the estate whole tuition free reconnect from the mermaid mattress traffic ctr., matt fields need 12 now this morning ... .

I will have another timesaver traffic update here in the next minutes shortly after the ... hour were looking at the clouds continuing to seek self skies are clearing out as result, temperatures for us here in town.

I dropped just a few degrees.

Don't worry ... , we'll soon see the warm-up fo the day kicking in 37 in knoxville ... , 36, nashville, right at the freezing market 32 in columbia, union city, paducah, lexington, here a little closer to home, where the lower 40s down into gilmer county.

410 roman 43, of scottsboro boarding to hear downtown this afternoon should hit right at 50 for the daytime high clouds.

We thickening up overnight tonight and showers when we get together this time tomorrow.

First half of the day tomorrow a little wet afternoon we should see fair amount of clearing 51 on friday with a fairly nice weekend ahead ... .

I hear 50 watching news 12 now this morning.

It is 25 minutes after six what's on the agenda for soon to be president joe office, president trump announced a new list of pardons.

We'll look at one that has a connection to the scenic city straight ahead.

The pandemic has made fostering children even more of a challenge.

Coming up, we'll look at how 2 organizations are making the process easier for children.

Now from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 right now forecast.

Welcome back to news 12 this and ship to your new starts now in morning and will continue well now ... morning when ... not certainly as our coverage begins at 10 ... is here on 12 ... help richard during the entire cbs team for ... tweets wall-to-wall ... inauguration child, whether working today on inauguration for where we are fearless, good talking sunshine and highs near 50 up in the nation's capital.

Not so much the cloudy bill see a little bit of sunshine, breezy and cold that's ... typical for dc in the latter part of january here for us were going to be looking at temperatures fairly close to ou seasonal norms as well.

You'll notice depending upon your location old little bit of a wind chill factor.

Nothing dramatic colder air is trying to work its way in from the west, nashville, 130 colder this time tuesday morning atlanta 130 warmer right here on the edge 42 in town 43 affordable sort heading into the afternoon will bump up against 50 clouds increasing overnight tonight ... .

Showers will be rolling in.

These will be light in nature.

Not a great deal of accumulation tomorrow were backup 50 to 52 and we should see a fair amount of sunshine a we headed to the will talk more about that seven-day forecast coming up in just a moment right now with timesaver traffic ... .

Here's matt ... morning in the when he ate and from campbell into downtown alone, 24 eastbound about the 16 minutes from signal point hytop signal mountain into downtown were in excellent shape on the interstate secondary to localized or let you know there will be a total weaning operation this evening beginnin at 8 pm till 6 am tomorrow morning at the mcauley and stringer's rich tunnels.

Trevor brought about chattanooga state 324 over weaning the return a call.

It's fun outside and if they can help you achieve those goals.

Tuition free with the chattanooga state that you do.

You flashed again, we cannot from the mermaid mattress traffic center that fields 12 now this morninggrant clemency e of offenders, including some members of his inner circle.

Bofta yimam reports from washington as we cover the nation.

Pkg) just after midnight on president trump's last day in office, the white house announced he had issued 73 pardons and commuted the sentences of 70 other federal offenders.

"everyday we get stronger, they get weaker..."

The most prominent name on the list is former white house chief strategist steve bannon.

Bannon is accused of defrauding donors in an effort to build a private wall along the mexican border.

His trial was due to begin in may.

Two rappers also made the cut.

Lil wayne was pardoned.

He faced a prison sentence of up to 10 years for possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon.

And kodak black was sentenced to 46 months in federal prison for making a false statement in order to buy a firearm.

That sentence has been commuted.

Despite pleas by some of the alleged capitol rioters... "i think we all deserve a pardon."

None was granted that request.

Nor was joe exotic...despite fans, and a stretch limo waiting outside the federal medical center in texas where he's being held.

The 'tiger king' was not let out of a 22-year sentence for plotting the murder of zookeeper rival, carole baskin..

"he's been in jail 2.5 years.

He's innocent."

Also notably not on the list... no family members, no rudy giuliani-the president's attorney... and despite once claiming "the absolute right" t pardon himself, the president apparently decided against it.

Bofta yimam, cbs news, washington one of those pardons president trump made on his final full day in office has a local connection.

Darrell frazier was convicted of running cocaine from los angeles to chattanooga over a 6 month period between 19-88 and 19-89.

He agreed to a plea deal and still got 30 plus years.

Frazier has already served almost 30.

His mother joyce johnson petitioned the president for clemency for her son.

According to her, frazier founded the joe johnson tennis foundation.

She says, the foundation teaches tennis to hundreds of children each summer at local recreation centers.

In coronavirus news - people in dalton are expressing concerns as the city continues to be a hotspot.

Over the last 2 weeks, whitfield county has reported more than 14-hundred new cases.

A vaccination site was opened at the dalton convention center on monay.

That's caused covid-19 testing to take a back seat.

Members of the northwest justice coalition aren't okay with that.

"the lack of covid testing, because the department of health has switched to vaccinations, to get testing is very difficult and we have a team of volunteers ready to do so.

They will not provide the funding or the tests for us to continue free testing."

The city of dalton expects to vaccinate 7-hundred people today.

The hamilton county health department reported 4 more deaths from covid-19 on tuesday.

That raises our death toll to 330.

There were also 342 new cases.

Our number of active cases is way down.

There are a little less than 33- hundred.

That means hamilton county schools should be able to resume in-person learning next week.

They will announce the schedule later today.

178 people are in the hospital, 51 of them are in the i-c-u.

New this morning - the chattanooga fire department worked a fire at hamilton place mall this morning.

A massage chair outside of j-c penney caught fire around 2:45.

Firefighters believe the fire was an electrical issue or a malfunction of the chair itself.

They had it extinguished the fire within minutes of arriving.

The part of the mall where the chair caught fire had significant smoke and water damage.

Police say one person was shot just after 1 tuesday afternoon.

It happened in the 12-hundred block of grove street.

Investigators taped off the front of a small strip mall.

According to police, one person was shot and their injuries are not life threatening.

If you have any information about this shooting, please contact chattanooga police.

Chattanooga police confirm the locations of 2 different shootings that happened monday night.

The first happened in the 16-hundred block of southern street around 8:45 a 40-year-old male was dropped off at a local hospital with a gunshot wound.

His injuries are not life threatening.

He was able to tell police where the shooting happened.

The violent crimes bureau is now conducting an investigation.

The 2nd shooting happened in the 13-hundred block of tunnel boulevard 45 minutes later around 9:30.

Police found the location after speaking to the victim in the hospital.

His injuries are not life threatening.

An investigation is now underway.

If you have any information on either of these shootings, contact chattanooga police.

In community news - the chambliss center for children has teamed up with another local, non profit organization - isaiah 117 house- to provide assistance for children who are waiting for placement in foster care.

The organizations say that finding families who are willing, and able, to foster children during a pandemic has been even more challenging than in years past.

For this reason, the two organizations have decided to join forces to provide a safe place for children to stay -while they await a foster care placement.

Officials say when children are removed from their homes they typically have to wait inside an office at the department of children services.

"you are sitting in an office; phones are ringing, faxes are coming in, people are talking about lunch and you don't feel like people see you or hear you.

We want to create a space where we see you, we hear you, what do you need?

That's what we can provide with an isaiah house."

This will be the first isaiah 117 house in our area and both organizations are hopeful that this new environment will make the transition to foster care a less anxious one for many hamilton county children.

As we cover the community - the humane educational society had their first adoption at their new building on monday.

To celebrate, workers lined the halls wearing party hats and throwing up confetti as "saturn" got to go to his forever home.

A total of 3 dogs and 2 cats were adopted on their first day in the new building.

They are thankful to the community for making this momentus day possible.

Now for the forecast, here's chip chapman.

When forecasting morning to morning cape and good morning to you across the tennessee valley area 35 in fort payne dalton 43 ... 4333 ... we have 42 here downtown this morning's golfers forecast brought to you by brainerd and ellen akers every day we check out a different course ... in and around the area today heading up signal mountain great day for playing sunshine dry an cool eyes below.

These moral met seven-day forecast right after 14.

The seven-day period.

It does get a little warmer highs into the upper 50s you'll need rain gear.

The first half of th day tomorrow.

Looks like much better chances for rain is to be a heavier rain for monday and that should be ending ... tuesday watching news 12 now, this morning when we come back will spend a few minutes with chattanooga police chief roddy picture and stick around back morning to friday ... morning gloria ... well are you doing and so are you inauguration day and if he had a nagging know any reports of any rents to our area and then go into the lock and hide all that.

If that's okay with you ... cannot be perfect, and then we can also talk about in the 19 any guys helping the back nation ninth and on.

Maybe if he will have been vaccinated if it had an impact on the art if we have time ... whatever you want.

That sounds get here momentarily ... and we will have that video on alisa thing yesterday.

The lock had pulled it hurt.

What will that is 12 now the ring.

We are so glad to picking up with us each month we get the chance to sit down with channing the david ronnie and talk a little bit about doing on in and around our doing this now my phone can morning cheap ronnie good morning.

Thanks for joining us friday today as an inauguration day across the nation and we have heard of some potential ra, some protests ... what you like here in the tennessee valley hadn't had a friend come into the department ... we been in but we are not only generally hold our years and many of our long or both federa, state fusion center.

All of the country of in favor took your attention to what were hearing good project would be fighting or jurisdiction and your genera area were not hearing anything pacific were not hearing of any information or stories that giv us great concern, we are doing.

We are ... then the attack on the capital.

We have begun later planning though as intelligent develop.

We had different operational plan that we can implement to keep chattanooga sleep is and that's what you been doing a course on pain today and behind right out.

Talk to you a little bit about the locket hide it.

All that and a program that cpd has developed we've had a lot o car break-ins and the tennessee valley over the last year.

What do you recommend for folks in our community to try to keep ... if i could.

The biggest order.

Really would like people to understand and remember that half of our own people in 2020.

Because the keys were out of left inside the vehicle readily available to people.

So i'll be in about the car he and drop off ... percent and that all we arm 222 firearm stolen out of unlocked last year as well so i figure suggest what you do with your you leave it running in the morning on that was 30% of that percent number that you heard that drove all your interest in some individuals.

Our morning so people can keep that in mind, walk your car going full leave valuable in the vehicle hide them in the trunk covered on the war take them with effective and federal, not merely attempting to an individual ... .

We were just looking at a video that your department developed.

I thought tsx would like to check it out ... a little bit about how it's encouraging folks in our community to do just what ... now we have been pushing our locket.

I hold for well over an all we know what it not the message is not out there for maybe not on our community.

Remember, like for them to suffer the ... we can put a video you are trying to join in a little bit of work doing.

We just hope it may be that would resonate individual would reflect upon it.

The editor going about that.

They told you what the director will use the local community.

Businesses and leaders to try and get this, but you are as well as our messaging graphics suggest the message, locket article vehicle id belonging ... as you mentioned earlier on thi accounting included trying to warn the vehicle on for your head and down to work around you're going and the morning.

What should you recommend for folks out there that wanted it.

I want to be warm if they can't do it in a garage.

If you have the ability to lock your car up while running on it.

I would suggest.

The local hardware store get another key made her highly.

You have the ability are concurrently running in your court will will not perfect individual can fill course for your currency would is a large, on the other item is ... locket it would carbide it running and what that word jewe can't take all in the call ... cheap ronnie i would like to go ahead.

Not that they are getting than likely ... by the minute only met the make light of what you are 20 records not comfortable but it's much better to watch your ... are absolutely right.

Things like some more information on the video and they want check out hannity that cheap ronnie ... on the technically respectful faith, and work on a get it out very same but they can also log your website gently what and lastly, she probably went hunting a little bit about 19 and has had the tennessee valley's heart and last.

You might balance the department and try to cope and catalog officers at hand and i ... we are here based on the number alone bring a growing prosperity so is all our diagnosed with some type of exposure risk work for you from our staffing will so we were to go around on the weekend.

Since we show so that we can accommodate but covert staffing.

We are many, many businesses an a future crosser urging as well as just we would be able to ... .

This is a thing of the past coming months are we on the technically seen david wright.

Thank you so much for joining u this morning and updating us on what's going on ... in and around our community ... .

I can say with us.

We have much more head on these 12 now, jordan, we have 110 temperature of patient with dunlap ... , 42, were looking at here downtown and this morning, sportsman's forecast what you by the island cove outdoor center.

The outlook is good, but if sunshine dried cool this time you have the open water right around 5 o'clock ... is afternoon.

Over the next seven days.

We will see rain th first half of the day tomorrow.

It looks like higher chances for heavier rain as we can call nex week k ... back to youpass a new coronavir bill.

2 automakers are recalling millions of vehicles due to an issue with airbags.

Diane king hall has those stories in this morning's moneywatch report.

Wall street moved higher on tuesday.

The dow gained 116 points.

The nasdaq was up 198.

The s&p500 rose 30.

The king of streaming isn't ready to give up its crown.

Shares of netflix jumped 12 percent in after hours trading because subscriber growth crushed expectations.

According to its latest quarterly report netflix brought in 8- point-5 million new customers.two million more than analysts predicted.

Netflix also said it's considering share buybacks.

/ janet yellen says the incoming administration will focus on passing a new coronavirus relief package.

President-elect joe biden's nominee for treasury secretary pushed back against the republicans in a senate committee that argued against more government spending.

Yellen says low interest rates mean it's time to act big.and inaction will slow the recovery.

/ another takata airbag recall.

The national highway traffic safety administration is forcing ford and mazda to recall about three million vehicles, because of potentially dangerous airbag inflators.

They now have 30 days to give the agency a schedule to notify owners and begin the recalls.

At least 18 people in the u-s have been killed by faulty takata airbags, which send shrapnel into the cabin or simply don't inflate at all.

/ and that's your cbs moneywatch report.

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At the cbs broadcast center, i'm diane king hall.

Joe biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the united states today.

The inaugartion starts today at noon.

The incoming president is expected to sign a numbers of executive orders reversing some of president trump's policies.

25-thousand members of the national guard are in d-c today due to security threats following the assault on the capitol 2 weeks ago.

Of the 25-thousand soldiers in d-c today, over 750 of them are from the tennessee national guard.

The tennessee army national guard is providing over 700 soldiers from 3 different brigrades, one of which is headquartered here in chattanooga.

The tennessee air national guard will provide roughly 50 airmen.

The soliders will assist crowd management and security for the event.

The united states 2 newest senators will be sworn in today.

Georgia democrats jon ossoff and raphael warnock are expected to take their oath of office today at 4:30 after joe biden's inauguration.

This is less than 24 hours after georgia certified their wins in the runoff elections.

Jon ossoff becomes georgia's first ever jewish u-s senator and the youngest u-s senator in history.

Raphael warnock becomes georgia's first ever black u-s senator.

Coming up, chip is going to have a final check on the forecast, plus matt fields will tell us what's happening out on the roads.

And now... your time saver chip chapman morning and you drive in this morning.

No, i al late at about 37 minutes right now.

Keep street in cleveland and downtown 75,000 to state it in for bradley or pigment kelly 25 minutes from trenton into downtown slavery and from date kelly trevor brody by green trips and thank you to all the front-line workers keeping us moving forward.

Thank you from the early matters that are met field the 12 now this morning and i will have another timesaver traffic update all th way ... in our next half hour temperatures at this together ball for each of the next seven days ... .

You only raingear late-night tonight for the first half of the day tomorrow.


On thursday, dry weekend monday ... getting into tuesday of next week.

It looks a whole lot warmer ... .

It also looks a lot wetter.

W could see some ... pretty decent accumulated rainfall out that ... downtown chattanooga right now at 410 i had a doctor lottery ticket at all and nowafter no w in tuesday's drawing.

The jackpot is now estimated at 970 million dollars.

This is the 2nd largest jackpot in mega millions history.

The next drawing for the mega millions is friday.

If you hit the big jackpot, you would have a cash option of over 716 million dollars.

Can't wait till friday?

You've also got another powerball drawing tonight.

T jackpot is or ... 730 million first-timers lottery jackpot half-time ... terry, all because the

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