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Thursday, 4 March 2021


Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Coming up we take a look at how our commuity is honoring dr. martin luther king jr. today and local animal rescue organizations saves more than 200 dogs from a hoarding situation in grundy county those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 5:30.

"news 12 now at 5:30.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 5:30.

As part of a new series "unifying america," recognizing people who are trying to right injustices and bring communities together, debra alfarone introduces us to a talented group of artists in the nation's capital.

They're gathered on this martin luther king, jr. day just blocks away from part of the city under a security lockdown working to spread the slain civil rights leader's message of freedom, equality, justice & love.

Nat of spraying and close ups of levi painting) artist levi robinson has a sense of what dr. martin luther king, jr. would say about this moment in time.if the civil right's leader were alive today.

"he would appeal to us to submit to our higher selves."

Robinson's hoping that message comes to life through these spray-painted strokes on this boarded-up block in the nation's capitol.

"he's looking toward the future and towards progress."

Quite literally.

The next panel over is "progress" by artist dez zambrano who is inspired by his favorite mlk quote.

"we must live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

In the days following the attack on the capitol, zambrano knows many may be doubting progress and wondering if the country is backsliding.

"progress hurts, progress is difficult, but no good progress comes without a little bit of pain."

The embodiment of progress, according to artist shawn perkins, is vice president elect kamala harris...featured in the third panel.

"for me this is like i'm in heaven right now."

"these artists are part of a local nonprofit called paints institute, responsible for dozens of murals around the district.

"it's good for them to actually be out and give service and show their talents off for a bigger purpose, especially now with what's going on."

Their aim is to revitalize this neighborhood and the country with messages of hope.

Debra alfarone, cbs news, washington.

The second annual mlk march in cleveland, tennessee was made possible thanks to partners like cleveland state community college, the city of cleveland, the n double a- c- p and 100 black men of bradley county.

Organizers are proud of the unity displayed during the march, especially considering the adversity the country has faced over the past year with covid-19 and political division.

A diverse group of people marched, including students, seniors, people of different races and socio economic backgrounds.

This morning's demonstration paid respect to dr. king because without his courage and leadership, events like it would not be possible.

Since i've been here in bradley county, i've watched us establish and acknowledge this day as a local holiday, especially for our local school districts.

Once upon a time we didn't honor that or recognize that and that's within my lifetime.

So i can say that's one of the major accomplishments, just getting the community to accept and respect this holiday.

There are plans to contiue the m-l-k march each year in bradley county.

Chattanooga is still providing the community a chance to honor doctor king despite covid-19.

Offices of multicultural affaits from chattanooga and u-t-c held their annual martin luther king jr. day of service, virtually.

The berke administration launched the event in 2014 to encourage residents to come together and work on community-centric projects.

Day of service looks and feels quite a bit different than previous years.

Ordinarily right now i'll be out with you in the chilly weather, cleaning up an empty lot, doing repairs to a childcare center, feeding members of our community who are experiencing homelessness, or doing an art project to beautify one of our neighborhoods.

Projects have included clean up at the historic beck knob cemetery, and painting local childcare centers.

One of the effects of covid-19 is a covid version of pneumonia.

Researchers say this version is more deadly than typical pneumonia.

Covid pneumonia can come from the covid-19 disease.

Experts describe covid-19 pneumonia as spreading like many "wildfires" throughout the lungs.

Covid pneumonia is viral and antibiotics do nothing as compared to a common case of pneumonia, which is bacterial.

Viruses do their damage by taking over normal human cells apparatus or operations and produce more virus with your own cells.

It's very hard to eliminate that or attack your own selves when they've already been taken over.

Coming up at 6 health officials take a close look at why the viral infection is so difficult to fight and what you can do to prevent yourself from getting it.

Investigators are working a heartbreaking animal hoarding case in grundy county.

They came across hundreds of dogs in horrific conditions.

We want to want you that some of these images may be graphic.

Several organizaions including the sheriff's office have removed more than 200 dogs from the property.

Many of the dogs were said to be neglected, pregnant and received no medical care before being rescued.

Because of legal issues, it took years for organizations to rescue these animals.

Sadly, cases like this happen more often than you think, "i think it's fairly common all across the state and actually in the south in general.

I know for grundy county specifically we do not have animal control or a shelter.

Dogs of borrowed time is the only rescue based in grundy and were a very small one.

So there's only so much we can do in cases like this where it's a massive amount of dogs."

The dogs are being transferred to shelters across the country where they are receiving medical care.

Continuing coverage now of a shooting that happened last night.

According to c-p-d, one man was found on 6th avenue suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound.

Investigators believe the shooting actually happened on clio avenue.

Ems took the 27 year old victim to a local hospital.

If you know who might have shot him, contact chattanooga police.

Jeremy pruitt has been fired as the head coach of tennessee volunteers football team.

The announcement comes after a weeks-long investigation into potential recruiting violations in the program.

U-t chancellor donde plowman said that invesitgation uncovered a significant number of rules violations.

Two vols assistant coaches were also dismissed along with several other football staffers.

New assistant kevin steele has been named the vols acting head coach.

Tennnessee athletic director phil fulmer also announced that he's retiring.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics we patrick core as for white ou there lies all the quiet as he take a look at our epb fiber like this whether cam network i from south on street skies are clear that there bailey's heating in their camp right now were at 520 relative humidity o 32% west southwesterly breeze at the around 9 mph they see the pressure 30.12 type radar dry no columns out there had a great looking afternoon temperatures warm into the lower 50s still 5 to 52 across some of the valley some lower middle 40s to the mountains future cast not show any problems you be heading out no issues out there with mostly clear skies away clouds as that we had for your nighttime cooling down about 40 4545 x 7 o'clock into the upper 30s by the 10 o'clock hour so chilly but not overly cold when we com back in just a few minutes will take a look at the changeable seven-day forecast who want to miss that all right they get better on the filled out 530 a beautiful addition is all the way to the lookahead sitting in kay blevins are you a and your community with everyone to hear from you.

We're learning more about the ... three community mural project and joining us now to tell us all about it is elizabeth hammond from epb.

I ... hi, thanks for joining us to love about this mural and white wall decided to do it ... .

Sure they so much for having me out.

We decided that a mural would be a ... rate addition to the market.

The neighborhood area when we were planning to make some changes to our sub station ... out when we decided to put in a new fence around the subs ... nation, our ceo thought well that fence could be extended and so we got to work on figuring out how ... to add to the road and all the exciting ... rings that are happening in a neighbor ... tell us more about the concept ... there are numbering orders that are actually participating in the on ... the same overall theme, but different forms of artwork ... .

Yes, and that's been so fascinating.

I'm the team this year has been, and it was chose by ... stakeholder committee of community members on the team is the soul of an okay how artist visualize the heartbeat and full of mlk and arts, music and culture to highlight the history, heritage and significant ... of the downtown chattanooga bartlett ... large area ... until given dr. king's legacy and the history of the neighborhood.

We felt was was such a significant ... theme to choose into your point.

It has been so interesting to see how our different artist in our community have taken that team and really run with that and shared not only their talent, but their vision on what they would like ... to see you know as they are is a marker of the history and the neighbor ... design which artist would be involved in this a great question.

So we are so fortunate to being gauged times several committee members from different area organizations, most of which were located in the mlk neighborhood area.


We had folks to ask for the art like books from arts held on ava arts, and several others on and we also invited bessie and the urban league of greater chattanooga to ut's and togethe, these folks chose artist through completely blind process which was another thing was really interesting to all the committee members had to go on was just the art and from that they ended up choosing 100% women, or minority artist and all of whom are local and some of them.

This is their very first girl they've ever done so were so excited ... facilitate vision voices of these local art ... and we are so excited to see some of the work.

When can we ask ... you to do that so we believe that work will begin at this spring in 2020 so we believe that work will begin at this spring in 20 21st of appended on whether i'm portable that will do the work started in the ring and that it will all be wrapped up in the summer ... and what is your overall goal for this project for our community ... yeah i think you for that question.

You know epb's missio is to increase the volume of life to the people we serve and you.

We believe that are in place making is you only have the opportunity.

That's one way that we can do that.

Our goal i to contribute something meaningful and beautiful ... to him to the very important neighborhood ... and in our city ... .

It absolutely is elizabeth hammond.

Thank you so much for joining us from epb and updatin us on this mural project can be a wonderful thing ... right here in our community ... yes ... you so much for having me absolutely opposed to like some more information.

Just check ou your website.

Yes that's right yes please visit ice time.

I do need to or follow us on social facebook, twitter, and to graham.

I will definitely be telling the story there as well ... for this interview and more just check our website and wtf ... .com ... think you again ... to see the old criminal for produce.

This week the light we look at something for the consumer alert followed so is like join us or friday is that forecast: when we come back we will hear from our chip chapman when we come back we will hear from our chip chapman with more information on how you can get the utlimate hot wheels experience.

And lisa robertson shows us how

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