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Thursday, 4 March 2021

11pm 2020 Election Coverage 11.02.2020

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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11pm 2020 Election Coverage 11.02.2020
11pm 2020 Election Coverage 11.02.2020

Presidential race package, McConnell Support, McGrath and Hicks joint rally, Barr support.

Moving forward .

Now eleciton 2020.

This is video of the white house tonight, in washington, d.c.

One more day left, before we find out out who will be the next president of the united states.

Will joe biden be moving in, or will president donald trump and his family be staying for four more years.

We're just hours away until the final votes are cast for the election..

And both president trump and joe biden...are to trying to win over election day voters..

Andrew dymburt is in washington, d.c... with the latest on the final push, from the campaign trail.

Script: down in the polls but boosted by confidence - president trump is blitzing battleground states in the waning embers of a fiery re-election bid.

Sot trump: four more years, four more years, four more years, four more years, four more years.

This does not look like a second-place finish.

On the eve of the election trump swinging through north carolina - michigan - wisconsin and the electoral crown jewel of pennsylvania.

All states he won in 2016.

Former vice president joe biden - holds a slim but steady lead in pennsylvania polls.

His campaign blanketing the swing state in a sprint to the finish line.

Sot biden: we're gonna win pennsylvania and we're going to show the world what america stands for.

Sot harris: we're all here.

It's happening right here.

And this is biden country, isn't it?

Biden is also hoping to hold those other - blue wall- democratic states that collapsed in 2016--where polling shows his ticket ahead.

For trump - the battle to win florida presents a possible path to victory for a second term.

Sot trump florida generic and as early and mail in voting shatter records in this election - trump is doubling down with his message to supporters on his unfounded accusations that the election being stolen from him.

Sot trump election stealing the latest 538 forecast has the president with a 10 percent chance of beating biden--his campaign banking on a massive election day turnout.

While biden - is turning to suburban voters to make inroads in his efforts to secure the nation?s highest office.

Biden ohio: tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we have an opportunity to put an end to a presidency that's divided this nation.

Tag: latest numbers of americans have already cast their ballots - and in some crucial battleground divided this nation.

Tag: latest numbers of americans have already cast their ballots - and in some crucial battleground states - it could take days to count up all the votes to certify the election results.

But some big battlegrounds - like florida - expect to have their results much sooner.

Perhaps on election night.

Andrew dymburt abc news washington.

Back in kentucky.... all eyes are on the u-s senate race.... between senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and his democratic challenger amy mcgrath.


Mcconnell held one of his final campaign rally's in woodford county.

He met with dozens of supporters at gaffney farm in versailles.

He was joined by his wife, transportation secretary elaine chao, congressman barr, state ag commissioner ryan quarles and other republican leaders hoping to send him back to washington for another six years.

Mcconnell says today and tomorrow are the two most important days for him because that's when most republicans will vote.

He says it's important he be re- elected so democrats don't change the makeup of the u-s senate and supreme court.

One supporter we spoke to says she's been most impressed with what he's been able to do with the judges.

L3: election 2020 white phyllis vincent supporter "i was very frustrated that these judges would try to make law when it's just an opinion they're allowed by constitution to render.

So i was extremely pleased with the amount of judges that he's gotten in and for that reason i'm voting for him wholeheartedly."

Some supporters we talked to say they've voted for mcconnell for most of their entire lives... and can't see anyone else in his seat, better to serve kentucky or the country.

If mcconnell wins tomorrow it would be his seventh victory since 19-84.

Mcconnell's challegenger..

Democrat amy mcgrath..

Held a joint election eve rally in lexington today with fellow democrat... elect fs mug:u.s. house district 6 race state of kentucky andy barr andy barr - primary.jpg (r) ... josh hicks... who's running against congressman andy barr.

It was a socially distanced event outside windy corner market.

Both candidates... former marines.... spoke about leadership and serving kentuckians....rath er than what they say their opponents for washington.

We talked to supporters there who say they're ready for a change in leadership.

"sue and stephen scheff: i think people want to work together and you just need some leaders that say 'hey, we can actually work together, we can do this' and i think that's what we have here today.

You know, with josh and with amy, that's what is going to happen.

They're going to work across the aisle, they're going to do whatever it takes."

The two say they have family and friends who are also closely watching the u-s senate race and they believe mcgrath and hicks are the change kentuckians and americans need.

Also tonight... incumbent republican congressman andy barr held his own rally outside his office in lexington.

S socially distanced before moving forward to stand near the podium for barr's speech...which was interrupted twice by protesters.

While hicks' campaign has been arguing barr isn't invested on the ground....we talked to a barr supporter who feels like barr could be his neighbor.

L3: election 2020 white jerry hensley barr supporter "jerry hensley: he's a decent guy.

He doesn't...i mean he's someone that you would trust.

I mean i'd have no problem if he was my neighbor."

Hensley says even though he's a veteran he doesn't support felow veterans hicks or mcgrath...calling them


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