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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Syrian reporter scoops media award

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Syrian reporter scoops media award
Syrian reporter scoops media award

Syrian journalist, Yakeen Bido, who defied her conservative society by reporting in a conflict zone, wins the 'Courage in Journalism' award from the International Women's Media Foundation.

Emer McCarthy reports.

Yakeen Bido's most prized possession is her small video camera.

The Syrian journalist was recently awarded the 'Courage in Journalism' award from the International Women's Media Foundation.

The 26-year-old said she felt compelled to document the aftermath of air strikes and attacks targeting her hometown, Idlib.

"The (award) was a positive incentive for me.

Truthfully I wasn't expecting it, nor was I working to get any awards, but this is a thing that pushes you forward to continue your work, because there is someone who appreciates this work and sees that you have delivered your message." Bido says war reporting was seen as a 'man's job' in Syria, but she refused to let this stop her--becoming one of the first women to broadcast from the region, according to the Foundation.

More recently, she's has been contributing and reporting for international news outlets-- and it's taken an emotional toll.

"I remember during many massacres, I would stand in a hospital unable to film, despite knowing that this scene must be seen, I couldn't cry, I couldn't hold a camera or comfort those in front of me.

The planes would still be in the sky, I would just stand and watch as people cried over their martyrs, their children, at that point I felt like the work I was doing was useless.

This award reignited the hope, in me and in many people." The Courage in Journalism Award has so far been presented to more than 100 female journalists in 56 countries, who 'broke down barriers and refused to be silenced', according to the IWMF.


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