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Saturday, 16 January 2021

Protests in Hong Kong as U.S. warns of sanctions

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Protests in Hong Kong as U.S. warns of sanctions
Protests in Hong Kong as U.S. warns of sanctions

Thousands of people on the streets again, as international concern rises over Beijing's plans to impose a security law in Hong Kong

The biggest protests in months hit the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday (May 24) -- this time against China's new proposed national security law.

Police used tear gas, pellet guns and water cannon to disperse crowds.

They arrested more than 180 people for unlawful assembly, misconduct and violence.

Others like nineteen-year-old David Wong remain concerned the law will limit freedom given the city under 'One Country Two Systems'.

"It was supposed to be Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong, but with the new security law it has changed entirely." Some people on Sunday chanted or waved flags to support Hong Kong independence, contradicting Beijing's view of Hong Kong as wholly part of China.

The new law to is prevent and punish subversion, separatism, terrorism or foreign interference.

It could be passed in a matter of days by China's governing National People's Congress.

The plans have been widely criticised internationally.

White House National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien said the city risks losing its special status with the US, and sanctions.

"We strongly encourage China, mainland China not to impose this law in Hong Kong.

If they do, I can't see Hong Kong remaining in an Asian financial center the way it has been for many, many years." There are calls for China's plans to be discussed at the G7 meeting in June, by Hong Kong's last British colonial governor, Chris Patten, and for a series of new protests by people in Hong Kong.


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