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Requirement For Students To Return To Campus

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Requirement For Students To Return To Campus
Requirement For Students To Return To Campus

Us us.high school students can return to campus in a little more than a week but each school district can decide the exact date individually.

Waay 31's breken terry is live after sitting in with one school's superintendent and she learned more after the state's board of education laid out the new requirements.


>> in that online meeting the state'sed cae suit dr. eric mackey said that student athletes that cannot social distance six feet apart must wear a mask.

He also said that for every 12 students there must be at least one staff member present to make sure the students are following those social distancing guidelines.

>> we cannot just open and say we're going to have football workouts.

>> school superintendent gayle satchel invited me to sit in with her and 250 other educators during a videoconference.

With the state superintendent of education about the next steps for school systems. >> well, i learned that there are more questions and fewer answers.

And a lot has to be addressed by our school board attorney.

>> students, seventh grade above, can be on campus for workouts or practices starting in june.

Younger children can return in july.

Satchel said while she's glad students get to start practicing it's worrisome, too.

>> when kids come on campus they're going to be exposed to this pandemic.

That scares me significantly because we do have families, we do have stakeholders who are at risk, including some of our staff.

>> satchel said her school system is stocked up on hand sanitizer, disinfecting sprays, masks and gloves.

So far the state has not said whether or not students and faculty will be forced to wear masks when school starts this fall.

But for now, if students are going to be on campus working out or practicing and can't be six feet apart, they must wear marvegs.

She knows it's a challenge.

>> and then you just have young people being young people.

And will they comply to using those masks?

>> now, i asked her when the campuses in her district could be opened back up and she said that she's going to be having meetings with different coaches and staff members to finalize the

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