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Pedicab Challenges: Mike G-Ride

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Pedicab Challenges: Mike G-Ride
Mike G-Ride says he faces challenges during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus put the brakes on one local biker and his business..

Action news now reporter vanessa romo spoke to 'mike g' about how he's managing with his pedicab business.

### we all know him for his charisma& dance moves and rides& mike griffith a-k-a mike g-ride has been giving locals a ride in his trolley and pedi-cab for nearly 15 years.

But say he's hit a road block& ive never had this happen before.

I missed all the big holidays where i can make a lot of money& my sponsors, they helped me stay alive but most of them aren't open& mike says he hasn't made a dime since march& everyone's dealing with it, but i feel bad for the kids that went to school for years and can't walk right now& since chico state and butte college moved to online--- most businesses like mike's have seen sales plummet.

This is my grand finale week.

All the new people in town and all the people that haven't seen me before i get crazy for them, this whole graduation week and nothing&" mike says he usually makes 2 grand in 2 days during graduation week... but now he says he can't even afford rent.

It's devastating, i just can't wait to get back to work& but i understand there's a right time for it.

Mike's transportation business is considered essential but he believes it is unsafe due to the lack of distance between him and his customers.

Ive been riding around busy streets and playing for people and everyone's coming outside cheering me on and i'm dancing to bring them happy spirits, but it's tough.

Mike says people can still book him for drive by birthdays and events.

Also, happy birthday mike.

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